Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A Note to Mr Staples

You only have to ask me to post an advertisment, you don't need to pay or anything. How wow is that, loik?

In other news...


That's right, bar your door, board your windows and put on your amulet of reverse mentality if you intend to visit the blog of Father Christmas (but you should already have the amulet on if you intend to read any of our blogs, except Tommy's).

That's about it until I find something else interesting to write about.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I Post Once More

Ok, I might not be able to do a post a day, but I will at least try one every week, for I will almost certainly have something at the weekends.

In other news, the Chronicles of Toture may not go as far as expected, as I am very keen to start my new story The Shattered World. Maybe a few more parts, but I will try to make the Shattered World go on for a long time (maybe a part every other week?)

I also have a short review on a new game that I preordered: Halo 3 ODST. This is my summary:

The only thing worth getting from it is the Multiplayer Disk (that gives you every Map Pack on Halo 3).

I don't expect many to know what that means, but oh well.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Chronicles of Torture - Part 3

It was a perfectly normal day for Jake. He was simply walking to his work when it happened. First he began to feel dizzy. Then his sight went blurry, until suddenly a pressure so great took hold of Jake, causing pain to blossom in every part of his body. A black limo pulled up next to him and he was thrown inside. Unconsciousness claimed him then.


"Wake up, Jake"
The voice was cold and sinister, yet somehow it felt welcoming and made you want to obey it.
"Stand Up"
It was no longer welcoming, but demanding.
"I said STAND UP!"
Jake stood up. He was in a small room with a single light in the middle. Everything else was covered in darkness.
"You have been digging too deep into Black Row's business, so I see no reason for you to know a little bit more. My name is Tommyfer Lawdry, and I'm sure you know about our master plan, do you not?"
Jake nodded. He didn't trust himself to speak.
"And that is why I am telling you more. However much you know, I will make sure that you will be put into excruitiating pain, squeezed of all your information and knowledge before we finally put you out of your misery."
Jake didn't move, but he knew what Lawdry was saying. Lawdry saw the fear in Jake's eyes.
"That's right: You're going to die."

The Revolution has a new leader

From now on, I will try to post at least ONCE on Dementia everyday. Mania will be posted on more often as well, so please check it at:

My next post will be, in a few minutes, the next part of the Chronicles of Torture.

Mundooty, or Mundooteh?

That's right, the fabled Elin Greene, the Blue Hamster of Lammington (Is that right? Please tell me) has started a new blog. You can visit it now at

I'm also putting advertising onto Dementia! If you want anything published, I will post an advertisment as long as it is considered worthy.

I have a Table Tennis Table now. Ha.