Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Shattered World Part 4 - Revelation?

We will return to Richard Osman and Black Row in time, but for now let us continue the story of Rebecca, just as she and her team were ambushed by Yarofev and Zombies...

Rebecca simply stood there, staring into the decaying face of a Zombie. Its yellow eyes, half face hanging and a snarling, gaping hole that used to be a mouth. It lunged forwards and knocked Rebecca down. Slowly it raised its hand, and suddenly brought it down.


"You will bring her to me. Suggest to Christian that Rebecca should come along on the next scavenge. She MUST go along, or your life will be forfeit."
"How am I supposed to persuade him?! He'll never listen to me!"
"You have to get her to go on the trip. Do whatever you need to do, but do NOT kill anyone, or they will be suspicious."
"But what if something goes wrong? What if they get split up?"
"Don't worry: I will protect her..."


The Zombie never completed its strike. It all happened so quickly, it was just a blur. The Zombie just fell to bits, with Yarofev standing behind it.

"Come with me, you are not safe here."

Rebecca couldn't believe it. Yarofev, protecting her? She knew the world had long since been shattered, but this was unbelievable.

"How do I know that I'll be safe with you?"
"I just saved your life. I am far more capable in this place than you and your entire team will ever be. I have a SafeHouse not far from here, and it has never been found since the Great War ended. I doubt any will find it now."
"OK, I'll go, but can-"

Rebecca stopped in midsentence and Yarofev roared in pain. She stood up and looked over a crouching Yarofev, spotting Christian with a shotgun.

"Reb's! We gotta get outta here! The Zombies are coming!"

And with that, he grabbed her hand and dragged her roughly in the direction of the SafeHouse, with a horde of Zombies right behind them...


"...and if anything goes wrong, you have to get them to my home. They will all be safe there. YOU will be safe there."

Yarofev had finished talking, it was time for him to follow the scavenge and grab Rebecca at the right moment. As he walked away, the person gabbled out a sentence and left:

"I hear you, Master, and as always, I obey."

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Back from the Past? - New Clip!!

A scavenger team has found a hidden Government Archive, and inside were some very interesting records. Records about Black Row. For now, we leave the story of Rebecca and watch, or listen, to the story of Black Row. NOTE: These clips were damaged when found, so speakers will need to be turned up to hear everything clearly.

Friday, 4 December 2009

The Shattered World Part 3 - Hunting Time

Thank you, Mark, for your earlier post. I haved gained some time, but if it runs out I will have to/haved saved this post as a draft for later use.

"Rebs', pack up! We're going on a hunt for supplies."

It was Christian, the leader of the group. Every few days, he would organise a search for any supplies that might still be out there. No-one was worried about a shortage, so long as they only took what they need.

"Sure, who else is coming along?"

Rebecca very rarely got to go along on these hunts, as she usually messed something up or wandered off. She was getting better, but dragging a heavy bag filled with food and water behind her was a very boring task. She oly really went to get outside the SafeHouse, as it was known.

"Err...John and Sarah. Tommy and Emily are staying behind to look after the House. We don't want to come back to a pack of Zombies, do we?"

Rebecca shook her head in agreement. The searches were always carried out in full sunlight, but winter was close and the days were getting shorter. The Zombies had begun to get restless, searching for life in the wasteland. More and more tracks were found with every hunt.


"You will take her to me."
"No, I won't betray my friends!"
"You must, she IS the one."
"Stop it!"
"You WILL take her to me."
"Shut up!"
"No, you shut up! Remember what happened to poor David? How he died?"
"It wasn't my fault..."
"Your fault?! YOUR FAULT?!? YOU were the one who pulled the trigger, remember? It was YOU who sent David to the grave."
"Please, just stop..."
"No. You were born to be what you are, born to serve ME, and no one else."
"Ok. What do you want me to do?"...


"Rebecca, you got the pack?"
"Yeah, it's right here."
"Ok, we're moving back now."

It was getting dark. Rebecca, Christian, John and Sarah had finished collected supplies and were about to begin the trek back. They had brought weapons and ammunition along to fend off any early attacks from Zombies. Although no attacks had happened over the last few weeks, it was still security to have a fully loaded pistol each.

"Wait, what is that?"

It was Rebecca speaking. Keen as ever to look around, she had noticed a pair of gleaming eyes in a shadow not far away. Too bright to be a Zombie, so it could only be..

"The Robed Figure! Run!"

As Christian yelled this, Yarofev quickly ran forward. He was well known and feared by all wanderers who roamed the wastelands, yet always pursued by the Zombies that could never get it into their dead minds that he was dangerous. Everyone turned and ran, fear pulsing through their shocked minds. If they didn't reach the SafeHouse before night had fallen, they would surely be killed by either Yarofev or any Zombies that had sensed something.

Rebecca tripped. She had turned to see how far Yarofev was behind her, and screamed when she realised he was only catching up, and then fallen over a block of rubble obscuring her path. She quickly got up again, and saw no sign of Yarofev behind her. She was curious, knowing that Yarofev could easily have caught up with her and killed her. Now that silence had returned, she heard nothing. Nothing, except the faint patter of feet behind her. Rebecca turned slowly to face the Zombie that had come out for an early meal...

Thursday, 3 December 2009

We Apologise for Any Inconvenience...

Unfortunately, for reasons I cannot state (involving a computer and a brother), Lord Zaros won't be writing or reading blog posts for quite a while. This will mean that the Shattered World will be temporarily postponed, and that this blog will be temporarily closed.


That should do the trick.










Of course, I do not have the power to do that. But I have just decided to inform you, in case you were wondering.