Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Is that Upside-Down?, or All Around?

Many stories contain a twist at the end, we all know that. They make the book interesting and unpredictable. But what if someone made a story that was COMPLETELY made from plot twists? That is why I, Lord Zaros, present to you today...

ALL AROUND OR UPSIDE DOWN (Or is it the other way round?)

Jim got on to the elevator, except then he realised: it wasn't an elevator.

He was walking up a staircase.

Jim continued his walk, clinging onto a sainsburys bag that he was hoping to use to carry around anything he bought. But it wasn't a sainsburys bag.

It was from Marks and Spencers.

Jim sighed, and then walked into Starbucks. Sitting down on a barstool, he ordered some coffee. But then, Jim realised, the Bartender wasn't a Bartender.

He was holding a shotgun.

The Bartender (who isn't really a bartender) cocked the gun and aimed at Jim's face. He smiled, then pulled the trigger. Except Jim didn't die.

He was sitting at home, watching a film.

Suddenly, John walked in. "Hi Jim, he said" said John. "Hi" Jim replied. Then John knelt by Jim and said "Jim, I'm not your friend, I'm your long lost mother." Jim sighed, then said "And I guess you're going to say that the dairy cow outside is my daughter?"



"He's your son."

"How does that work?!"

"We're not on Earth. This is just a figment of your imagination."

Fucking Hell, thought Jim. Except he didn't think it. He said it out loud...

To Be Continued...(but how do you know that?)


Yeah, that was weird, but I imagine Mark has just suddenly said "Oh God, I've left my friends alone on Blogspot with Zaros." and is now racing back to his house or a computing device to stop me before I go and get something to eat.

Hey, I didn't say the story was going to be the only weird part.

Been Thinking 'Bout It (Or have I?)

L.Z. (But how do you really know it's him? I mean me?)

Monday, 9 August 2010

The New World Part 2 - Mind Control

*Two Years Ago*

"Sir, something is wrong with the test subject."

"What's wrong with him? I thought the drug was flawless!" Yematin was speaking. He and his team had spent many months perfecting a mind control drug and had finally deemed it safe for use. The drug itself had been planted only two weeks ago into the skull of a 15 year old boy, but he was kept under constant supervision of Prospect Eternal. Any results gained from him would be essential for the team to decide whether it was safe to use the drug for Black Row.

"Extreme rage...Insanity...Amnesia...The list goes one. In short, anything that could have gone wrong HAS gone wrong."

Yematin thought back to the first tests of the drug. True, rats could not provide results that would be the same for humans. Things like this had happened before, but never to Black Row.

"Sir, what do we do?"

David Yematin, current leader of Prospect Eternal, replied "Bring him in. We need to isolate the problem before it gets any worse."


*One Year Ago*

"Yematin, how is the project?" It was Tommyfer Laudry. He had recently taken command over Black Row, and had used more aggression than past leaders. When David saw a murder in any newspaper, he was sure Laudry was behind it.

"The pressure system works, but we need a few more weeks to make sure that the chamber can withstand such high pressures..."

"You don't have anymore time; The Hunters are bringing in someone. Today. I want that Pressure Chamber installed within the hour."

"But Sir..."

"No buts! Get it sorted out. Now. If anything does go wrong, we'll just shoot the bugger." And with that, Tommyfer turned around and walked away.

"Sir? Do we go ahead with the plan?" The deputy leader of Prospect Eternal, Amanda Green, was always unsure of what to do without guidance, but was dead loyal to Yematin. She'd also slept with him many times to get her job.

"Of course!" snapped Yematin. "We must do what the Leader commands."


*Present Day*

David Yematin, Leader of Black Row and Eden, finished reading the file Amanda Green had just given him. It spoke of an unknown and highly dangerous being. Many witnesses had called it 'The Robed Figure', but Black Row has found its name. Yarofev. It was essential that He (for Yematin was sure Yarofev had been a man) was brought in to be examined. He could easily gain universal domination for Black Row.

Yematin minimized a document on his computer that read Jam Associates, and began to add more to his report on Yarofev. It was always good to have a copy of any report in Black Row.

Amanda was still waiting in the room. Yematin was about to send her away, then another thought crossed his mind.

"Amanda? I want to speak with Jebediah Clements ASAP."

"Yes, Sir, and as always, I obey."