Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Shattered World - Archive

Rebecca began to explore to derelict facility; she rarely got to go out and this place was shouting at people to come inside and explore. She walked randomly, drinking in whatever things of interest she could see. She looked in to a door on her left and saw what might have been someones office. There were a few filing cabinets to the side. Rebecca made her way to them and pulled out and old folder.


Day...I'm not sure what day it is; it's been so long since the last recording. The bloody voice recorder broke and no one knows where to find another one without exposing the headquarters of Yarofev. What I DO know is that Black Row is expanding all the time. Like my department, there are many divisions all devoted to different projects, Yarofev (us), Eden and UbiThink to name a few.

As you should know by now, I am the leader of ALL of Black Row, I just chose to manage Yarofev. I set Yematin (second in command of Black Row) to work on Eden and J.M.Clements to UbiThink.

Anyway, to the main project. Tests have been good so far. We have been able to create new weapons thanks to this vat of...stuff. It's strange to think that the future of Black Row could depend on a random idea that hasn't never been dreamt of before.

However, it is not yet fully stable, so it might be sometime before it can be used openly against the world.

For The World, For The Universe.


Rebecca looked up from the page. These were some of the last words Richard Osman ever wrote before he died, presumably in the headquaters. But there was only 1 page, the others were missing. But the only time the door had been opened was by Yarofev. "He's the weapon" she realised. But she wouldn't know the full story until the other pages were found. Rebecca began her quest to find the missing pages. Surviving would have to wait, she had a new job now.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Star Wars Episode 6 - Return of the Monkey

He stood there, looking out into the emptyness that was The Siths dressing gown. Then, without a word but a monkey squeak, he jumped up to the top of a swimming pool and stole back his banana. Before he knew it, he had been sliced in half by sword of plastic that was supposed to loo good, but unfortunatley didn't. The last hope had failed, and The Sith would wake up on the right side of the bed today.

I've been having some very strange dreams recently (strange in contrast to the dreams I usually have). The only bits of one I can remember include:

-> Me wearing a single black glove
-> Watches for only $1 (?!?) at a supermarket
-> A supermarket that only sold bread
-> Kaytei fussing over how long a pie should stay in an oven
-> And me having to climb up a muddy slope, then slide back down to retrieve a phone
I left somewhere.

If you think this was weird, I once had a dream where I was a penguin.

And for those of you who wonder why I put this up instead of another part of The Shattered World, the next piece is, hopefully, going to be a recording.

For the World, For the Universe.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

With a slice of cheese

Strange. When we went into half term, I was 14. When we're back at school, I'll be
15. Yes, it's my birthday soon and anyone who can guess when will get a friendly handshake.

Not you, Mark. Nor you, Jimmy Pickils, Mr Staples, Cyberminky, JacobTheBoffin, Reconvoid, Mundooteh, anyone else who reads this blog or Racist BNP Wanker-Shit by the name of Lloyd. You can though, Tommy.

I got a new laptop on Friday. I'm really happy :) and it will mean more time blogging. If any of you happen to have Skype, can I have your names? I started a new account (Nickname TibetanJimmy) and I need more contacts. I only have 3 so far :S

I might see some of you sometime in the week, I really can't say when. Won't be before Wednesday though.

Until I blog again.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Shattered World Part 5 - A Leader Returned

Nothing like this had happened to Tommy for ages. It had started with the 'death' of David, his best friend. He had left him for dead, blocked his escape just so he could survive. For years his conscience had fought with his mind, but it had resented when no hope of revelation was forthcoming.

Then the voice started again, and he realised that, this time, it was something else trying to break through, another person. The Robed Figure, or 'Yarofev' as he had named himself. Tommy had sacrificed Rebecca to protect himself, but he knew she wasn't going to die. But why was 'Yarofev' so intrested in her? If he wanted anyone, surely it would have been Christian? HE was the one with the knowledge of the Wasteland.

A gush of cold air, they were back. Rebecca was extremely pale, and was supported by John and Sarah. They took her through to another room.

"Hey, Christian, what happened?"
"Nothing much. Reb's got startled by the Robed Figure and a Zombie. We managed to collect some stuff before we had to run, though. The supplies we're taking are not enough, we'll have to move soon.
"Err, yes, about that."

Tommy was nervous. For Yarofev's plan to work, he would need to convince Christian to move. He pulled out a scrape of paper, on which he had drawn a map from the descriptions of Yarofev.

"You see, I found this map and it looks like a relatively safe area. These parts here, they look like the broken tower. If we start there, we might find a new SafeHouse. As you said, we need to move."

Christian was suspicious, but turned over the possibility of an easier base. Trying to find a spot without help and a paralyzed team member would be difficult, especially when the days end hours before they're supposed to.

"Fine, we'll take it. We need a few days to get ready then we'll move out to the Tower. Rebecca can't move yet, not the way she is."


After a few days of preparing, Christian and the team followed Tommy's map. Within hours they had reached a strange old building, one completely devoid of life, fresh or rotting. Glowing eyes followed their every movement.

"You sure this place is safe; it's very open."

"That's why you should follow me."

Everyone turned instantly to see Yarofev. Before any guns were raised, they were ripped from the grip of the survivors by strange black tenticles that seemed to have appeared from Yarofev's arm.

"And now you have no weapons. Do you really think you could survive out there without a firearm? If you want to live, I suggest you follow me and don't do anything...stupid... Also, my name is not 'The Robed Figure', it's Yarofev."

And so they followed him, Christians' eyes burning with anger and aimed directly at Tommy, who did not meet his gaze. Using his unnatural power, Yarofev wrenched open a hidden door in the side of the building. A howl penetrated the silence. The Zombies had come.

"Quickly, everybody inside!"

Everyone except Tommy and Christian were inside. Suddenly, Christian kicked the back of Tommys' knee and knocked him down. Before he could get back up, a drop kick was aimed into his back. It hit and he was stuck. Another kick to the head and he was unconscious.

"Seeing as we're going to die anyway, I thought you might want to get it over with quickly."

Christian spat at Tommys' motionless body and walked through the door. Yarofev closed it behind him.


It seemed like days, but it was merely minutes. Rebecca, Christian, Sarah, Emily and John were led through a maze of tunnels until they finally reached a small to medium sized room. The survivors looked around hungrily, absorbing every detail of what would become their future home. There wasn't much on the walls; meters that didn't work anymore, jars of various fluids and chemicals, even a broken recorder with a few tapes on top. But the thing that claimed the most attention was a glass vat that went from the ceiling to the floor. Something had obviously cracked it open; there was nothing inside but a strange smell and a giant hole took up one side.

"Welcome," Yarofev said " Black Row."