Monday, 15 November 2010

The New World Part 5 - Infiltration

Two hours before the BBC Broadcast

Yarofev was face to face with Eden Headquarters, current base of Black Row. The front doors where locked, but Yarofev knew the codes. He himself drew the plans for the building, back when he became leader of Black Row and made it as a gift for Yematin. He punched in the code, and the doors slid apart. Same code, different timeline.

Then Yarofev knew what was coming up next.

Back when the building was made, a security system had been set up to scan all visitors for a special tag that was injected into them when they signed on with Black Row. Yarofev had the tag, but that was more than a century ago, and they weren't built to last that long. His suspicions were proven when alarms went off after a few steps. Yarofev began to run.

The corridor was perilous; no one was safe until they reached the other end, for great saws stuck out through holes in the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Yarofev sprinted forwards, but the end was far away. A saw suddenly came out of the wall, about waist high, but Yarofev simply flipped over it. Another two saws came from the ceiling and began to move down the corridor, but Yarofev was prepared. He quickly turned to face the wall and cartwheeled passed the saws. Yarofev laughed, then shifted into a black cloud and sped down the rest of the corridor.

Just after Yematin arrived back at Eden

Yarofev was in the corridor just outside Yematins office. He had broken into the mind of a scientist he once worked with, Sebastian Diker, and used him to hack into Black Row. It was a long process, but rewarding. Yarofev had then sent the plans out to the BBC, which would surely force Yematin to either act quickly and lay off his plans until the mess was sorted out. And, judging by the raised voices through the door, it had worked.

As Yarofev crouched behind a table, Jebediah Clements walked out of the office and spoke into his phone for a few seconds. He soon put it away, and it was in this short moment that Yarofev quickly shifted up to the ceiling. Clements saw the movement, but looked in the wrong place. Yarofev had remained undetected.

Two hours later

Yarofev had moved into the shadow of the setting sun inside Yematins office, and had watched him paced around, constantly worried about the plan leakage. Then Clements had come back with two Hunters by his side, dragging Sebastian behind them. After a brief exchange, Yematin lowered his window and threw Sebastian out. In was then that Yarofev acted.

He quickly shifted out of the window and dived down towards Sebastian, grabbing hold of him then shifting back through another window.

"Sebastian, you can't be seen in Eden now. The rest of your life is at risk."

Yarofev laid his hand upon Sebastians chest, and his tongue reformed.

"So after helping you out, I can't live anymore? I know who you are through that vision you showed me, why can't you protect me?"

"Firstly, that WASN'T a vision. It was the past. My past. Secondly, you were at risk from the moment you saw me. I know you haven't given me everything I wanted, so now I need your memories."

Sebastian didn't even have time to scream when Yarofev absorbed him.


Inside the BBC building, Fiona Bruce was packing up her stuff. There was a folder marked 'Top Secret - Eden'. She hesitated, then put it into her bag. She turned around, and Yarofev stood there.

"Fiona, I need your help. Well, not your help. Just your memories..."

He absorbed her, and then jogged to her bag. He pulled out the file, a cheque book, a phone and some spare coins. Eden was his next target, and he could only bring Black Row down with inside help.

Namely, Yematin.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

clap *PAUSE* clap *PAUSE* clap

You're walking down the street, near midnight. You fear that someone is following you, but see nothing behind you. Further ahead, you see Mr Staples talking to a lamp post, but dismiss it as normal. Then you come to the alleyway.

The Alleyway...

There is a stall there with Lord Zaros behind, and a huge banner reading 'Dementia'. Do you rush home, or stay and read?...

Well, that was most certainly fun. Most certainly. Certainly Most. Fun most certainly. Most fun certainly. Certainly-
Lord Zaros? You can stop now.

Marky G, I thought that I should add a bit of demonicness to Dementia for some reason, so:

I couldn't find the lollipop one, sorry.

No, please, I'm sorry! I mean it! Don't smash down the window! NOOOO!!!

Don't worry Richid, Mr Staples is here to save you!

You can't help Lord Zaros, Staples!

Why can't I? No one but he can withstand my mentality.

No, you can't help him because he's just high jacked a car and driven it over a cliff.


Oh indeed.

Want to go and push Mr Dennington out of a window?


*And so Marky G and Mr Staples went and pushed Mr Dennington out of a window, and continued writing on their blogs until Lord Zaros finally got his legs repaired by a 29th century Borg Drone and took over the Moon.*

LoRd ZaRoS

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The House - Epilogue

" I thought they weren't gonna last long when I first pointed them in the right direction. I shoudl 'ave 'eld them back, but I didn't."

The Old Man was talking. The House was surrounding by police cars, and an ambulance was coming down the drive. One body was wheeled out, and then a second.

"What 'appened to the poor sods?" The Old Man asked a nearby paramedic.

"The first body was found down underground. There was some massive tunnel complex, you see. Anyway, we found his body underground, but he was hollow. The rest of him, his organs, his blood, was all over the House.

"The second body was also underground, except this one still had everything except his blood. It had all drained into a strange pit. But we got him out. And the third body..."

Another body came out on a stretcher, and was loaded into the ambulance.

"...She was found lying with her back on the floor, and an axe in her face. Something with great strength drove it down upon her, for it took ages to get out. Do you know if there were anymore people?"

"No, it were just the three, unless more were planning on coming soon."

"Then there was no point getting the ambulance out. Everyone, we're leaving."

The paramedic got into the ambulance, and headed back down the driveway. The Old Man took one more look up at the House, and was certain that he saw The Spirit in one of the second floor windows and heard a manic laughter. He closed his eyes, sighed, and walked back to his home. His time on Earth was nearly up, but he wasn't going to waste it by trying to figure out the mystery of The House.

Monday, 1 November 2010

The House - Part 2 of 2

Elise fell to her knees. Alex simply lowered his head and put his hand on her shoulder. Suddenly he turned, hearing a strange hissing noise. He just had time to see a shadow fade into the darkness. They quickly agreed that they had to leave the house and get help, or just as far away as possible. But they couldn't just leave Tony. They slipped the noose from his neck, and laid him down with his hands on his chest. He was so light they could have carried him without any trouble.


The tunnel seemed longer than it did before, but though Elise and Alex blamed this on the death of Tony, the dark and that fact that they were underground. But these accusations were false.

The tunnel had changed since they found Tony.

They were now lost. The tunnel still led to the exit, but there were now many side passages that ran under the whole village. These were either dead ends, pitfalls or just loops. There was no hope for finding a way out without any trail to leave.


All the time they were walking around, they were being followed by a restless spirit. The house was his, for he had been chained alive to a wall in the underground tunnels, this was HIS home for he had spent centuries here. But these siblings, these meddlers, had angered him so.

Most of his wrath he took out on the first victim, Tony, and decorated his house with his innards, as a warning to the others. Anyone who was clever would have fled immediatly, but these idiots had decided to find their brother. He would soon act upon them, but he had something special in mind...

Elise and Alex were incredibly fatigued now. It was roughly 12pm when they had heard Tony scream, it was now 11pm. 11 hours underground. Finally, The Spirit was ready. He let them glimpse the exit of the tunnel.

Alex saw the light instantly. Unthinking, he ran ahead, desperate to get to the light and freedom. But he did not check the way carefully; I doubt anyone would have in such a situation.

Alex was caught in a net that slammed in up into the ceiling of the tunnel. The bungee connecting the net to the ceiling snapped, and the net was dropped into a pit of spikes. Alex was killed instantly, his blood spraying up into the air and slowly filling the pit. Elise, horrified by what had happened, broke into a run towards the light. The Spirit, distracted from his joy of the kill, chased after her.

Elise was back on the ground floor. The House was the same as it had been, nearly 12 hours ago. If Elise had known that she would have been safe at the stroke of midnight, she wouldn't have stopped to catch her breath. She got up suddenly, for she saw The Spirit climb out of the trap door holding a fireaxe. He swung down, narrowly missing her left foot.

She sprinted back to the door, but tripped up: The Spirit had grabbed hold of one of her legs. She fought back, but could not break The Spirits' grip.

10 seconds to midnight...

The Spirit pulled his axe up and prepared to strike.

5 seconds to midnight...

Elise finally broke the hold on her leg. The Spirit brought the axe down.

1 second before midnight...