Friday, 10 September 2010

The New World Part 3 - Crime Scene

Darkness. Silence. The night swarmed the city of London like damp towel thrown over a nest of ants. This was unusual for London, but people had learned.

There was something in the darkness.

Something that could imprint fear on your mind forever. Something that would shatter your soul with one small glance. Something that should be avoided. Everyone stayed in after dusk; many doors and windows were locked and barricaded.

But the gang in the alley of a suburb weren't scared. This 'Robed Figure', 'Apparition of Death' or whatever other names it had was just an urban myth to keep people inside. Since its appearance a few weeks ago, they had got away with anything they did after dark. But luck always runs dry.

"Jake, pass me another fag will ya?" Gordon was talking. The gang consisted of three chavs, all male, wearing hoodies and smoking. They were leaning against the walls of the alley, behind a dumpster which was close to the street. Jake pulled out another cigarette and tossed it over to Gordon. Bill watched the silent exchange, the tip of his cigarette illuminating his face under the hood.

"Ah, yeah, that's good." Gordon lifted his head and blew a cloud of smoke into the air.

"Smoking isn't good for you." The voice was slightly deep, yet gave the feeling of wisdom and dominance. The gang immediatly turned to face their new visitor, pulling out knives to defend, shocked by the sudden voice. Gordon, seeing the silhouette against the street, smiled and lowered his knife. Slightly, and with a tremor.

"Who do you think you are? My mum? You're stupid as shit to come down here and try to teach us something."

Yarofev stepped forward, unthreatened by the chavs. "Smoking isn't good for you."

"You that random shit everyone keeps going on about? You don't look intimidating at all. Infact, I just think you're some twat in fancy dress to make us believe those stupid myths. If I were you, I'd just get the fuck away from us before WE hurt YOU." Gordon raised the knife.

"Even when I try to help you, you don't listen. I guess the joke about chavs having one brain cell is true."

Gordon, enraged by Yarofevs' last comment, rushed forward and plunged the knife into his chest. But Yarofev didn't even flinch. Gordon gasped as Yarofev slowly grabbed his wrist and pulled the blade out.

"Nice blade," he said " But I think mine's better." In one fluid motion, Yarofev summoned his claw and diced Gordon into hundreds of bloody cubes. Then he turned on Jake, who was too shocked to do anything. Yarofev repeated the attack, then turned to face Bill.


"I need Eden to know where I am. You can help me with that."

"Of course! Anything!"

"Thank you for making my job easier."

Yarofev ran forward, grabbed Bills' head and smashed it against the solid brick wall. His head was instantly crushed. Yarofev turned around and admired his work. A pile of blood and flesh cubes on the floor, a cloud of red mist and a headless body with blood pouring down over the wall opposite. He nodded, smiled and then faded away into the night.


"Police are investigating the site, but this crime was obviously the work of 'The Robed Figure'. Down the alley, a body and many litres of blood were found. A message was burnt into the chest of the body. It reads 'We are watching'."

Another day, another headline. Yematin had spoken briefly with Jebediah Clements the day before, and he now sat watching the news in David's Office. As the camera focused on the message, Yematin began to talk.

"I believe our friend Yarofev is trying to send us a message. But we still have no idea where he originates from. He is obviously Black Row, but there are no records. It is possible that he is from The Division, but then why didn't he come straight to us? That is where you come in, Clements. Ever since Freedom found a record of a war that no one knows about, I've been hoping that you and Everman will be able to help me out."

Yematin paused momentarily, then continued.

"I want you to help Everman we can find out more about this war. You can have as much funding as you need, but work quickly."

David spun around in his chair and looked out of the giant window that acted as the fourth wall of his office.

"I fear we won't be able to take over without help from The Division, not if Yarofev is truly against us..."

Sunday, 5 September 2010

My Fellow Aluminums...

...yes, that's from Dead Ringers...

So, we've all started Year 11. However, this means that blogging and story writing will be MINIMAL from most of us (looking at you, Kaytei *evil stare*).

I was hoping to get part 3 of The New World out on thursday, but due to a series of unfortunate events, I was unable to and ended up playing some games with DrParsons and Jacob The Rudman. And Madam Simmons.

Because of this delay, the new part may be out next weekend, or the half-term AT THE LATEST.