Monday, 31 May 2010

I now contribute to 6 blogs on blogspot and one elsewhere

how i am ever to get around to revision?
grrrr xD

Friday, 28 May 2010

The Cheese is upon us

If you swap cheese with Halfterm, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Spent the whole of period 2 doing shit all. NO TEACHER FOR THE WHOLE LESSON!!! Woo-hoodles (I'm copyrighting that, Kaytei) and periods 4 and 5 were dos lessons as well. I have a geography exam on the 17th of June, I need to finish off a piece of coursework by monday (31st) and my last two exams are on the 28th (chemistry and biology). After that, the New World will begin. It will have 10 parts (however short they are) and most of it will be up in the summer.

Summer, so close.

I was going to put something else down, but I cba atm tbh.
For those of you who are 'special' (re, Mr Denobington), that means "I can't be arsed at the moment to be honest". I'M ALSO COPYRIGHTING THAT!!!

Until some other time.

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Woo, concert on Friday went better than expected and I saw Kate outside during the interval. Not Thomas, Joyce. Got my lovely Table Tennis...table...out today and played a couple of games, then went driving for TEN WHOLE SECONDS BEFORE I STALLED!!!!!!* And now I have absolutely nothing else to say. I have a Geography Exam on the 17th of June, and then Chemisty 2 and Biology 2 exams on the 28th. Looking forward to those; at least A's in both would make me a very happy Nitrogen-Based Life Form.

As anyone who reads this may have realised, Dementia does not provide much in the way of private life. If you're looking for that, go to Tea and Toast (I demand payment for publicising your blog, Kaytei!!). Oh, and I lifted the Ban :)

Ta ta for now :)

*10 seconds may be exaggerated, but it was around that much.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The New World - Part 1

"C'mon son, let's go fish some mack'rel,"

Old Man Jimmy talked to Young Boy Jimmy whilst they put fishing rods in the placid water.

"Wait a second, we don't have time for this!"

Old Man Jimmy turned around to the spot of the sky where the voice seemed to come from.

"What?" he croaked "Who are you?"

"I'm Lord Zaros," said the voice "And we don't have time for fishing in this story. We need to sort out the new world, discover what happened to Black Row, and so many other plot points that will need at least two more stories to cover!"

"Black Row? New World? What are you on about?" squeaked Young Jimmy

"Do you not remember what is happening?" said Zaros "Do you not know about the company Eden?"

"Look, none of us remember any of this," said Old Jimmy "They may as well have... not existed."

"Not existed. Oh no.... My story has fallen through one of the cracks in time."




Saturday, 15 May 2010

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Ok...just heard the interview...Strange questions and I can tell that Robert was nervous, as he did most of the talking, but some parts of it were iffy. For instance, saying that the politicians were hiding things and something else that did sound a bit like critising politicians, but I can't check because I've closed the window.

This experience has got me more involved in Politics and Journalism, so I might consider a job as a reporter (I've been thinking about that since year 9).

Nothing else to say. Bye bye

The Wars

Jem was waiting at the cinema when it happened. He was just a hardcore Star Wars fan, waiting for Star Wars: The Return of the Dead Guy. He was standing next to John and Obi-Wan Kenny when he turned and sniffed.

"Trekkies..." He muttered. And, sure enough, a group of trekkies were charging towards the cinemas with their phasers set to kill. The Star Wars fans turned and drew out their lightsabers, preparing for battle...

Five hours later, many trekkies and jedi knights lay dead on the floor. The nerdy receptionist stood behind the counter and sighed.

"If only they knew they were allies in the new Star Wars film... What a load of wankers," he muttered and, with that, he pulled out a gun and shot himself.

Meanwhile, far far away, a man named Jamie Oliver shoved a sausage up his nose and laughed. If only cabbages could break dance, he thought.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

"Yes, there was a blond chap..."

Woo, the School News Report Team For The Welfare And Knowledge Of Political Views On Education (a.k.a, CLITORIS) is gradually moving up! We have managed to get some time on a LIVE radio and it's actually on now but I have some stuff to do, such as write this blogpost. Robert and William are the only two going, but they are good speakers (you are too, Mark) and I can only hope they don't screw anything up. CLITORIS DEPENDS ON THIS!!! After radio, we shall conquer television :)

Anyway, I only have one more exam and that is Business Studies on Friday afternoon. How did the testes goes???? Yes I know what I just said. If you read this shortly after it's been posted, come back later for ANOTHER POST!!! And if someone tells me how to make a podcast, I'll try that as well.

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese Bean Poos. Hi, my name is Mike and I'm calling from dip your balls in paste and decorate your bath with them IT Solutions LTD. Can I ask you a few questions about your toilet?