Saturday, 30 May 2009

The 'Truth'

I may have a small confession to make, as Bo- I mean Mark Geranium has made an annoucement. His name is not Bob, but you will not be getting refunds for the badges you may have bought off me. These are Marks own words:

Obviously, you have to click the link and then read the post.

!!!Badges for Sale!!!

Do you support Mark Geranium? Do you want everyone to know? Do you even know who he is? If the answer to all of these is yes, buy the all new MG badges. They now say 'Support Mark Geranium'! Add them to your older version 'Support Bob Geranium' and be amazed. Only 50p for one badge! Isn't that a great deal?

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mark Geranium

Have you ever heard of the legendary MARK GERANIUM???? If not, then you're stupid and you don't deserve to read this. No, I mean it. Look away NOW!!

If you do know him, then I guess you will also know that he is leader of France, Prime Minister for Austrailia and Creator of the internet. He has been around since 1284, the time when you could buy a burger at McDonalds and then have to hunt it yourself. But he is much more than an overage ruler, he is an inspiration to everyone who reads his blogs (except for me, I don't get any ideas). And here he is, the legendary Mark Geranium! (Look at the top).

Don't insult him for being a big explosion, he is very sensitive.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Swine Flu

As I am sure everyone knows (apart from little children, because they are stupid), there is a Virus going around called SWINE FLU. Now, hopefully you don't believe what they tell you on the News, because they want to cover up the TRUTH. That's right, Swine Flu is not serious, it is a JOKE.

But a good joke at that, because it turns the victim into a pig (unless they already are one). Honestly, they do. My views are supported by MARK GERANIUM, obviously the greatest (and most insane) person in the world.