Monday, 29 June 2009

A note about the video

I was, unfortunatley, unable to find Communist Christmas for viewers, so I have had to resort to the second option: The Ultimate Showdown.

What happens next?

I'm not actually sure about the future of Dementia. Patient X took up most of my time and it was something interesting to read. So what happens now? I have no real idea, but I might try to redecorate Dementia (change its layout, colours etc.) If this doesn't go wrong, a new Dementia will shine in all its, erm, madness! Please to do NOT visit this blog between 5th and the 10th of July, it might take that long to design.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Patient X - Part 5

I have thought long and hard for an ending to Patient X. I have always had an idea of how it will end, and idea that will be revealed in this part. All the time I have been writing, I have been leading up to an ending that grew in my head since Part 1. Now, the end shall be made clear in this part. This one, last part.


Jamie got up. A moment ago, he was being beaten to death by Tommy. Now, he had no idea where he was. No Tommy, no blood, no people, nothing. Just a dull, white colour. And a woman moaning. Jamie stared at this woman. She had no facial details, and she was bent over with tears constantly running down her cheeks. As Jamie moved to comfort her, he heard a voice.
"Hello, Jamie."
It couldn't be. Not here, not in such a remote place.
"Jamie, I have to talk to you."
Jamie turned around. It was Rebecca.
"Where are we? How did I get here?"
"It is very...complicated", Rebecca answered "...but I will do my best to explain. You haven't woken up from the incident. You are still in Hospital, still in a coma from the crash."
"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Jamie couldn't be in a coma. This all felt so...real.
"You weren't ready. After you were attacked by Tommy, you finally gave in. You, Jamie, are on the brink of life and death. The whole world you have been living in since you woke up is a figment of your mind."
Jamie tried to take this all in, but he couldn't. All of a sudden, the mind inside his head, his FALSE mind, began to fill hollow.
"If this is all in my mind, then what are you?" This was the only thing Jamie could fit inside his head.
"I symbolise your Will to Live. I have been helping you to recover. When you wake up, IF you wake up, you will see me but I will not know you." A strange answer, but Jamie had another question.
"What about Tommy, what is he?"
"Your Will to Die."
Jamie couldn't talk. The life he had been living was stolen from him, replaced by a fake world of lies and death. He didn't know what to do. Only Rebecca could help him now.
"You have a choice," she continued "either carry on your new life and stay asleep or wake and return to your parents. And before you ask, they are still alive in the real world."
Jamie thought hard about this. Waking up would bring him back to his parents, but he would have real pain and real suffering. Here, he could do what he wanted to and control it. As that thought came into his head, he could see the outlines of Tommy, and faintly hear his voice. The womans moaning crew louder, yet more distant.
"Your choice, Jamie."
"Please, I just want to go home."


Three people stood around the bed in the Hospital. One was a man, supporting a woman who was constantly moaning. The other was woman, obviously a nurse, but she was showing no emotion. There was a constant beat coming from a life support machine, but it gave way to a long, loud drone.The nurse spoke.
"I am sorry for your loss, but there was nothing more we could do. Jamie must have been a good son, but we could not keep him alive any longer."
"Do not worry, Rebecca, I am sure you did everything you could, and I am sure Kaytie knows that too."
Kaytie nodded, not trusting herself to speak. They all began to leavem when the machine flared back into life and a new beat started. Slowly, Jamie opened his eyes.
"Rebecca, REBECCA! HE'S AWAKE!" Kaytie started shouting, rushed over to Jamie and gave him a big kiss on the forehead.
"Hello, mum." It was all Jamie could say.


"Jamie, it is about time we spoke about the incident." It was Kaytie speaking. A few days after Jamie had truly woken up, he had left the Hospital. But those days were not boring, for he had explained his half of the story.
"You had very nearly finished the Race when you had blacked out. You told me about it. You had gone blind for a few moments but had still won. I saw that mean bully Tommy sneer at you, and I only realised what it meant at the Hospital. He hated the fact that you had won, and he wanted revenge. We had got into the car when he had crashed his into us. I and your father were alright, but you smashed your head on something that took you out. You were rushed to Hospital immediatly. Since then, I had been by your side until your near death and your eventually awakening. You were in coma for 32 days."
Jamie took all this in, the last pieces of the puzzle falling into place. It was all because he had won a Race, and a bad loser who couldn't control his rage and lust for revenge.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Patient X - Part 4

Rebecca and Jamie were sitting around a coffee table in a yellow living room. It was too much like a waiting room for Jamie's liking.
"So, I presume you know that your parents are on holiday?", Rebecca was saying, sipping a cup of tea at every break.
"This is, in fact, a LIE. Your parents are dead. They died in the car crash, but you survived. This note..." she held it up" fake. I wrote it with the hope that you wouldn't find out the truth, at least not until you were ready." All through the speech, she was slowly opening the note. It was too depressing for Jamie. Tears began to well up in his eyes.
"You need to rest, Jamie. Carry on with your life. I will check up on you everyday to make sure you are alright. You might want to stay off school for a few days." Rebecca got up and left the room. Jamie was so upset he didn't even hear the front door close.


Jamie returned to school a week later. As Rebecca had promised, she had visited him everyday to make sure he was alright. The only thing he was really dreading was Tommy.
"Oi, Ginger! I see yer back today. What's wrong? Upset about yer parents death?"
Jamie froze. He was prepared with an insult, but it slipped away.
"What? How do you know about that?" Jamie was determined not to break down, especially when a crowd was forming.
"Yeah, I know what happened to yer parents, but I ain't going soft on you!" Tommy aimed a kick at Jamie's leg and tripped him up. While Jamie was down, Tommy started to kick Jamie in the stomach, and didn't stop. The kicks were getting harder. Blood and vomit flecked the ground.
"Please, just let me die..." Jamie whispered to himself. Then, everything went white.

Read, and decide

Do you like chocolate? Most people do. However, what if you were told that people had started adding spices to chocolate? What would you say? To start with, I thought that this was a bad idea and that spice and chocolate should never mix. So, I brought it upon myself to see if it really mattered. After a hard time working last night, I finally came out with 3 bags of truffles, each with one of the following:


When I actually tried one of each, I was amazed. You don't get the spice instantly, but it certainly fits in well, especially Cinnamon. So, what do you think of Spiced Chocolate?

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

How will Patient X end?

This is the same question I thought to myself, over and over again whilst sucking an Aniseed Ball and playing 'Chasm Spasm'. Will he be hit by another car? Will he change his name and be run over by an aeroplane? Or will he be attacked by zombies? I have decided to hold a vote on this question, featuring many different endings that will appear in my mind. Vote once, vote twice, but only twice overwise it will mess everything up. Also, get others to join and you will get a special prize!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Followers of the glorius Turd!

Yep, this is a serious discussion about blogs. Hopefully, Mark, you will not be offended by any hairist comments in Patient X Part 3. Honestly, I was stuck for ideas.

As for you, Tommy, I have found a way to remember your blog:

tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 bagger288 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233 tomo233

That took ages: I couldn't copy and paste.

Patient X - Part 3

"Oi, Ginger! Heard you had fun in 'ospital, didn't yah?" It was typical of the school bully, Tommy, to pick on Jamie because of his ginger hair. After the short conversation with Rebecca, Jamie hadd stayed in hospital for another few days, before returing to school to catch up with work. It was as if nothing had ever happened. As if he had never been hit by
"Ginger, I'm talking to you!"
However intent Tommy was to get Jamies spirits down, it was never going to happen.
'Just keep walking', Jamie told himself. It was the end of the day and he just wanted to get home. Back to his parents, back to his games, back to his old life.
"You shouldn't 'ave kept me waiting!"
Jamie twisted around before he finally fell to the floor. Tommy had punched him in the face with such ferocity, his nose seemed to be broken and was bleeding badly. Why couldn't he just be left alone?
"What was that for?", Jamie yelled.
"You deserved it, after" Tommy kicked Jamie in the stomach "...that bloody Race." Picking himself up, Jamie pondered this reply.


"Mum! Dad! I'm home!" No answer. On the walk back from school, Jamie had cleaned up his nose. It wasn't broken, just badly swollen. He'd also need to change his shirt later. Flecks of blood and vomit would be an obvious sign of a fight.
No answer.
Still no answer.
Jamie checked first his downstairs room, then upstairs where his mum and dad sleeped. He had never thought to himself about the rooms, their varying sizes and furniture, the different colours ranging from Red to Purple. Checking his bedroom door, he found a note. Reading it, he finally worked out why there was no answer:

'Dear Jamie,'

'We decided to leave you this note, just incase you wondered where we are. I am afraid to say that we have taken a small holiday, not that long, just a few weeks. We stayed with you in hospital, but we passed away on holiday after a few days of no recovery. When we heard that you had woken up, we were overjoyed. I'm afraid we won't be back in time to take you from school, so you will have to walk. We should be back by the 16th July.'

Obivously a note from his mother, but not in her hand. Maybe his dad had written it, but it wasn't in his pen. It also carried a strange, hygenic smell Jamie had smelt before, but he didn't know where from. Putting that aside, he reread the note again and again, trying to grasp some knowledge from it. His parents had always spoken about a holiday, but not for so long. Leaving him behind would save money and his wouldn't exactly have been able to enjoy it.
"The 16th of July! That's tomorrow!" Jamie exclaimed. He was on his own until then. After a few hours of work, he finally went to bed, struggling to sleep as he was so excited.


Not bothering to face school and Tommy, Jamie had stayed at home. He had also overslept, as it was about 2 o'clock anyway. *Knock Knock* Someone was at the door! It had to be his parents! Pulling clothes on over his nightwear, he rushed downstairs to the front door.
"Mum! It's so great to..." he trailed off. It wasn't his parents at all. It was Rebecca.
"Ahh, Jamie, I thought you would be here. Do you know how to make tea? We need to have a long discussion about current issues."


Sunday, 14 June 2009

Another strike from the Dead

Yep, it's happened again. But this time, it isn't Nazis. No, this time, it's the Japanese. That's right, the zombies have struck again at a swamp in Japan somewhere (I forget it's name). I urge anyone who reads this blog and anyone who doesn't to prepare for another attack. It could come from any direction in any form.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Patient X - Part 2

Jamie got up. He had been asleep for more than a month, about 32 days to be precise. How could any sort of accident in a race knock him out for so long? He couldn't even remember what had happened exactly. He would have to find someone who did. As that thought sprung into his head, someone suddenly burst into the room.
"Oh sorry, I didn't realise you were awake." The voice came from a woman and, looking at the way she was dressed, Jamie guessed that she was a nurse.
"How did I get here?", he asked, shocked at how the answer came out croaked rather than confident.
"About...ahh...32 days ago you had an accident. You've been asleep since then. Since the car hit you", the nurse replied, a name tag around her neck announcing her as Rebecca. "But don't worry; most of your bones have healed well, but you make take a while to get over your Amnesia". Jamie pondered this reply. The Race had nothing to do with it, so why did his memory stop before the finish line? How did he get hit by a car? Why did it happen? And why did Rebecca seem to be hiding something from him?

Friday, 5 June 2009

Monday, 1 June 2009

Patient X - Part 1

He was nearly there. After a few minutes of pain and agony, he had nearly finished. Drawing on energy reserves he never knew he had, Jamie sprinted to the finish line and, hopefully, first place in the race. But that was when everything went wrong. That was when it happened.
Jamie woke up. How long had he been asleep? The last thing he could remember was the race, then everything went black and now he was here. 'Where am I?' he thought as his senses suddenly returned. Looking around, he took in everything he saw. The bed, the watch on a bedside table. The patients chart on the door. He was in hospital, and he didn't even know why. Jamie checked the watch, scanning his mind for that last memory: The Race. That had happened on the 9th June. The watch said it was the 10th...of July.


Yep, everyone on Blogspot is doing it: Create a Story. And now, I give you.... (see the next blog).