Monday, 15 November 2010

The New World Part 5 - Infiltration

Two hours before the BBC Broadcast

Yarofev was face to face with Eden Headquarters, current base of Black Row. The front doors where locked, but Yarofev knew the codes. He himself drew the plans for the building, back when he became leader of Black Row and made it as a gift for Yematin. He punched in the code, and the doors slid apart. Same code, different timeline.

Then Yarofev knew what was coming up next.

Back when the building was made, a security system had been set up to scan all visitors for a special tag that was injected into them when they signed on with Black Row. Yarofev had the tag, but that was more than a century ago, and they weren't built to last that long. His suspicions were proven when alarms went off after a few steps. Yarofev began to run.

The corridor was perilous; no one was safe until they reached the other end, for great saws stuck out through holes in the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Yarofev sprinted forwards, but the end was far away. A saw suddenly came out of the wall, about waist high, but Yarofev simply flipped over it. Another two saws came from the ceiling and began to move down the corridor, but Yarofev was prepared. He quickly turned to face the wall and cartwheeled passed the saws. Yarofev laughed, then shifted into a black cloud and sped down the rest of the corridor.

Just after Yematin arrived back at Eden

Yarofev was in the corridor just outside Yematins office. He had broken into the mind of a scientist he once worked with, Sebastian Diker, and used him to hack into Black Row. It was a long process, but rewarding. Yarofev had then sent the plans out to the BBC, which would surely force Yematin to either act quickly and lay off his plans until the mess was sorted out. And, judging by the raised voices through the door, it had worked.

As Yarofev crouched behind a table, Jebediah Clements walked out of the office and spoke into his phone for a few seconds. He soon put it away, and it was in this short moment that Yarofev quickly shifted up to the ceiling. Clements saw the movement, but looked in the wrong place. Yarofev had remained undetected.

Two hours later

Yarofev had moved into the shadow of the setting sun inside Yematins office, and had watched him paced around, constantly worried about the plan leakage. Then Clements had come back with two Hunters by his side, dragging Sebastian behind them. After a brief exchange, Yematin lowered his window and threw Sebastian out. In was then that Yarofev acted.

He quickly shifted out of the window and dived down towards Sebastian, grabbing hold of him then shifting back through another window.

"Sebastian, you can't be seen in Eden now. The rest of your life is at risk."

Yarofev laid his hand upon Sebastians chest, and his tongue reformed.

"So after helping you out, I can't live anymore? I know who you are through that vision you showed me, why can't you protect me?"

"Firstly, that WASN'T a vision. It was the past. My past. Secondly, you were at risk from the moment you saw me. I know you haven't given me everything I wanted, so now I need your memories."

Sebastian didn't even have time to scream when Yarofev absorbed him.


Inside the BBC building, Fiona Bruce was packing up her stuff. There was a folder marked 'Top Secret - Eden'. She hesitated, then put it into her bag. She turned around, and Yarofev stood there.

"Fiona, I need your help. Well, not your help. Just your memories..."

He absorbed her, and then jogged to her bag. He pulled out the file, a cheque book, a phone and some spare coins. Eden was his next target, and he could only bring Black Row down with inside help.

Namely, Yematin.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

clap *PAUSE* clap *PAUSE* clap

You're walking down the street, near midnight. You fear that someone is following you, but see nothing behind you. Further ahead, you see Mr Staples talking to a lamp post, but dismiss it as normal. Then you come to the alleyway.

The Alleyway...

There is a stall there with Lord Zaros behind, and a huge banner reading 'Dementia'. Do you rush home, or stay and read?...

Well, that was most certainly fun. Most certainly. Certainly Most. Fun most certainly. Most fun certainly. Certainly-
Lord Zaros? You can stop now.

Marky G, I thought that I should add a bit of demonicness to Dementia for some reason, so:

I couldn't find the lollipop one, sorry.

No, please, I'm sorry! I mean it! Don't smash down the window! NOOOO!!!

Don't worry Richid, Mr Staples is here to save you!

You can't help Lord Zaros, Staples!

Why can't I? No one but he can withstand my mentality.

No, you can't help him because he's just high jacked a car and driven it over a cliff.


Oh indeed.

Want to go and push Mr Dennington out of a window?


*And so Marky G and Mr Staples went and pushed Mr Dennington out of a window, and continued writing on their blogs until Lord Zaros finally got his legs repaired by a 29th century Borg Drone and took over the Moon.*

LoRd ZaRoS

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The House - Epilogue

" I thought they weren't gonna last long when I first pointed them in the right direction. I shoudl 'ave 'eld them back, but I didn't."

The Old Man was talking. The House was surrounding by police cars, and an ambulance was coming down the drive. One body was wheeled out, and then a second.

"What 'appened to the poor sods?" The Old Man asked a nearby paramedic.

"The first body was found down underground. There was some massive tunnel complex, you see. Anyway, we found his body underground, but he was hollow. The rest of him, his organs, his blood, was all over the House.

"The second body was also underground, except this one still had everything except his blood. It had all drained into a strange pit. But we got him out. And the third body..."

Another body came out on a stretcher, and was loaded into the ambulance.

"...She was found lying with her back on the floor, and an axe in her face. Something with great strength drove it down upon her, for it took ages to get out. Do you know if there were anymore people?"

"No, it were just the three, unless more were planning on coming soon."

"Then there was no point getting the ambulance out. Everyone, we're leaving."

The paramedic got into the ambulance, and headed back down the driveway. The Old Man took one more look up at the House, and was certain that he saw The Spirit in one of the second floor windows and heard a manic laughter. He closed his eyes, sighed, and walked back to his home. His time on Earth was nearly up, but he wasn't going to waste it by trying to figure out the mystery of The House.

Monday, 1 November 2010

The House - Part 2 of 2

Elise fell to her knees. Alex simply lowered his head and put his hand on her shoulder. Suddenly he turned, hearing a strange hissing noise. He just had time to see a shadow fade into the darkness. They quickly agreed that they had to leave the house and get help, or just as far away as possible. But they couldn't just leave Tony. They slipped the noose from his neck, and laid him down with his hands on his chest. He was so light they could have carried him without any trouble.


The tunnel seemed longer than it did before, but though Elise and Alex blamed this on the death of Tony, the dark and that fact that they were underground. But these accusations were false.

The tunnel had changed since they found Tony.

They were now lost. The tunnel still led to the exit, but there were now many side passages that ran under the whole village. These were either dead ends, pitfalls or just loops. There was no hope for finding a way out without any trail to leave.


All the time they were walking around, they were being followed by a restless spirit. The house was his, for he had been chained alive to a wall in the underground tunnels, this was HIS home for he had spent centuries here. But these siblings, these meddlers, had angered him so.

Most of his wrath he took out on the first victim, Tony, and decorated his house with his innards, as a warning to the others. Anyone who was clever would have fled immediatly, but these idiots had decided to find their brother. He would soon act upon them, but he had something special in mind...

Elise and Alex were incredibly fatigued now. It was roughly 12pm when they had heard Tony scream, it was now 11pm. 11 hours underground. Finally, The Spirit was ready. He let them glimpse the exit of the tunnel.

Alex saw the light instantly. Unthinking, he ran ahead, desperate to get to the light and freedom. But he did not check the way carefully; I doubt anyone would have in such a situation.

Alex was caught in a net that slammed in up into the ceiling of the tunnel. The bungee connecting the net to the ceiling snapped, and the net was dropped into a pit of spikes. Alex was killed instantly, his blood spraying up into the air and slowly filling the pit. Elise, horrified by what had happened, broke into a run towards the light. The Spirit, distracted from his joy of the kill, chased after her.

Elise was back on the ground floor. The House was the same as it had been, nearly 12 hours ago. If Elise had known that she would have been safe at the stroke of midnight, she wouldn't have stopped to catch her breath. She got up suddenly, for she saw The Spirit climb out of the trap door holding a fireaxe. He swung down, narrowly missing her left foot.

She sprinted back to the door, but tripped up: The Spirit had grabbed hold of one of her legs. She fought back, but could not break The Spirits' grip.

10 seconds to midnight...

The Spirit pulled his axe up and prepared to strike.

5 seconds to midnight...

Elise finally broke the hold on her leg. The Spirit brought the axe down.

1 second before midnight...

Sunday, 31 October 2010

The House - Part 1 of 2

Elise, Alex and Tony had only recently rented out the House. They were siblings, moving from one old home to a new one. It was perfect; two floors, 4 bedrooms, and plenty of outdoor space. The house itself was far out in the country, away from the noise and streets of London that the siblings were so used to.

The locals were strange, and that was putting it mildly. When Alex had asked an old man for directions, he seemed to be on the verge of a heart attack, but pointed them in the right way before speeding back to his own house. This struck them as weird, but they did not know why the old man was scared.

Days past, and the siblings were happy, but now something is happening...

Now the house comes to life...


Elise and Alex had heard Tony scream for help, but thought of it as a joke. It WAS the 31st October, so they had been expecting something anyway, but they decided to check so Tony could have his fun.

But the house was empty. A storm was building up. Suddenly, lightning flashed and the walls and floor and ceiling were coated with evil symbols, drawn in blood. Organs hung from the ceiling, blood dripping to the floor. There was a huge blood stain leading down in the basement. Elise and Alex were horrified, but they stupidly decided that Tony was still alive. They couldn't accept his death without seeing his body themselves.

The basement was pitch black. A torch hung from the wall, so Alex grabbed it and walked forward. The basement seemed to be a giant tunnel of some sort, and after what felt like years of walking they siblings came across a skeleton that had been chained to the wall.

The hollowed body of Tony hung by the neck just above it...

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

He must've seen it coming...

For those of you who don't know yet, or do know and don't seem to be showing any signs of it, Paul the Octopus is dead. This morning.
Ok, he predicted the results of 8 or more football matches, but to make a biography, memorial and toys (for Christmas) of him is just going over the top.

On to other news...

A new story part might be released sometime this week, although I might do it on Sunday after town for some effect, even though the part isn't intended to be scary. Or I could try to write a scary story that will give you nightmares; I'm sure Mark would support the idea if he isn't already planning something like that.

I don't actually have anything else to write, which shows just how bored I am.

If you can raed tihs, you konw how it wkros, rhigt? Frlewael.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

The New World Part 4 - Broadcast

"...we are now going live to Prime Minister David Yematin, and his plans for the UK..."

Lights. Flashing. Yematin was used to it. He got out of his car, and everything seemed to be in slow motion. He stood up, and waved. A single flash from a camera sent everything into darkness, then back to into the light. As Yematin walked into No. 10 Downing Street, he pondered how he'd got the job.

Was it last year? Or two years ago? He'd set up his political party with the name 'Eden', and used various brainwashing methods to gain the majority vote. Simple. Effective. Efficient.

Just like Black Row.

No. 10 Downing Street wasn't ideal for Black Row, so he only used it when discussing the Economy of Britain. That is why he had Clements and Everman focused on Yarofev and the War; so he could announce more boring politics to the world and stun them. Oh well, he could bide his time. When Yarofev was captured, it wouldn't be long before he could find The Division and claim the Universe for Black Row. Nothing was going to stand in his way. Not even economy.


"Once again, Eden and Yematin are on top of the world with their plans to help the economy. It is rumoured that Yematin also has a plan to end the war against terrorism, but has yet to debate the matter with President Barack Obama.

"And after the war is finished, Yematin is talking about space travel and colonising new planets. We may have put many people on the Moon, but it is estimated that it will take decades before any technology is developed for such a purpose. Fiona Bruce, BBC News."

"How can they know that? Who leaked it out to the press?!"

Yematin was back in his office with Clements, who yet again sat in a quiet corner of the room. The BBC were talking about plans that were strictly Black Row, and now Barack Obama was rumoured to be travelling to London to talk about the war. But who had betrayed them? Who had infiltrated Black Row and released top secret files?

Clements began to speak. "How long before the rocket is ready to leave? I don't like being on Earth anymore. Epsilon 114 is my home."

"Clements, you're here until we hear from The Division or Yarofev. Until then, your little spaceship isn't going anywhere."

"Fine then. Just remember this, though: You need my help to work out who betrayed Black Row, as I'm sure as hell that it wasn't Yarofev. He may have been part of us once, during this 'War', but he isn't know and I doubt even he would be able to hack our database, not without inside help."

"True, true, but that means he could still be behind this. Find out who it was, then bring them to me. You have the Hunters, Prospect Eternal and Coporation Unlimited to help you. Oh, and while you're at the Corporation, can you have Donald Jam taken care of? He slept with another of my informats. Honestly, we're running out of women who are willing to be his secretaries in Eden."

Clements stood up, nodded and left the room. As he walked back down the corridor, he pulled out a phone and speed-dialled a number. Amanda Green answered. After a few minutes of talking, Clements put the phone away. There was a sudden movement in the corner of his eye, but when he looked there was nothing there. Yarofev couldn't be in Black Row headquarters, could he? Surely the alarm would have sounded?


Two hours lated, Clements and two men dressed in black entered Yematin's office, dragging a man in a labcoat behind them.

"Ah, Sebastian, it was you who betrayed us. Tell me, are you working with Yarofev?"

Sebastian lifted his head. It was still bleeding from the torture session the Hunters had given him. He tried to talk, but his tongue had been ripped out.

"We got all the information we needed," said Clements "...Yarofev spoke to him and used him to get the necessary information."

"Ok, then. Bring Sebastian over here. Hunters, you can go now."

Sebastian was dragged over to the giant window, and the Hunters left the room. Yematin pressed a button in one of the drawers in his desk, and the window began to lower rather like a drawbridge. Yematin, Clements and Sebastian walked to the edge of the window.

"You've seen much of London, but I doubt you've ever seen it like this."

With that, Yematin picked Sebastian up with one hand and threw him over the edge. If he still had a tongue, he would have been screaming the whole way down.

"That is what happens to people who betray me, and that is what will happen to you, Clements, if you don't do as I say."

Clements was scared, and not for the first time. He had a sudden desire to run at Yematin and fling him over the edge as well, but he didn't. His own life was at stake already, and he wouldn't last two minutes if he murdered Yematin.


The BBC building is like a giant maze. You can walk in and, if you don't remember which way you went, you would need a lot of help getting out. Fiona never had been lost before, but now her own knowledge was betraying her. It was dark, and she couldn't recall directions correctly. She looked behind her, and saw a Robed Figure walk out of the shadows.

"Fiona, I need your help. Well, not your help. Just your memories..."

There was screaming in the BBC building, but it was suddenly cut off. Unknowingly, the last employee left the building and locked the doors behind him.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

"Seven, I'm giving you a direct order: Show me Borg sex."

Yeah, I got that from the Uncyclopedia...

Wait, does this mean...
It can't possibly be...
How did that happen...
I don't know, don't ask me...

Yes, that's right. Dementia is back online! Arab Money bitches, fuck yeah!
^Incase you have no idea what I'm talking about, well you're just close-minded then, aren't you?

If I'm going to post more often, I'm going to have to find ways to keep Dementia interesting...No, I will not pretend to be Adam Simmons and shout 'I sell car insurance' at everyother year 7 that walks past me. Or maybe...


Sorry about that. I wasn't actually copying Adam, I was annoying him should he ever read this, which I highly doubt. This should cheer you up:

That was also from the Uncyclopedia. I'm getting bored of this, but I have an idea. An idea that is so great it will literally blow your minds out*. An idea so brilliant and genius, you won't understand it or even realise when it's happening. An idea that...To be honest, I don't know how much longer I can exaggerate this.

Geography Controlled Assessment finished = Yay. If I don't get a B AT LEAST, I will consider that a waste of time. History and Biznis (Mark) Studies C.A. will be finisheed tomorrow, as will a load of other peoples C.A. All I really want to do after that is drive a golf caddy around school.

I think I've kept everyone for long enough. That's another way of saying I can't think of anything else to write and so will go soon.

Bye bye Mr Taters (Or Mrs, if you take offence)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My doctor gave me two weeks to live...

...I hope they're in August. <--- Ronnie Shakes (Yes, I get quotes whenever I go on Google on my laptop).

How has everyone been? Mark?
Yes, Zaros, I've been fine.
'This was a triumph... (continues to sing Portal Still Alive until Mark gets annoyed and shoots him)
Not great. I was assaulted by Barbra Streisand the other day. :S (Emote used because we couldn't actually see Kaytei at the time of the interview, but guessed that she put on the confused-emote face due to a small pause)
I'm fine, Ri-
Ok...I'm fine, Zaros
Goodies. And finally, Mr Staples?
Cream on me titties, bitch.
Good to see you're alright.

Right, not sure what else to do. Work Experience next week; looking forward to it. That's about it. Another New World may be out either this saturday or during the half-term. Wow, I didn't see it coming. There must've been a corner...

I'm in a relationship...with a wall in the New Gym. (Mark will understand, as will Tommy. Maybe.)P.E. = Fun sometimes.

IT = Mr Beasley moonwalking.

I have nothing else to say, so I'm going to resort to randomityness. Hmm, typing that into google yields many results.

Yes, I'm quarter Irish: Get Over It (Note, I'm not quarter Irish; my left leg is)
If you've spent 10 minutes on this, you're not a fast reader. If you've spent more than 10 minutes on this, you've matched my typing speed.

Missed period 5 today (chemistry for me) for NOTHING. Mr Doar is so much more interesting than that whatever-you-want-to-call-it-so-long-as-it-doesn't-go-with-it-but-against-it.

OOOOOO Mr Staples: 'If the love card is chosen, it is rumoured Rose will appear in Fable III.' Just rumoured, and I'll probably tell you again anyway tomorrow.

LoRd ZaRoS

Friday, 1 October 2010

Story or Randomness?

With that title, it has to be randomness. Doesn't it? (You're not supposed to answer it, that's why it's rhetorical). Has everyone who reads this seen the really tiny year 7???? His bag is about the same size as his back :S Oh, Mr Staples:

I'm going to go now now now now now now now now (anyone heard the myth of Echo and Narcissus?)


Friday, 10 September 2010

The New World Part 3 - Crime Scene

Darkness. Silence. The night swarmed the city of London like damp towel thrown over a nest of ants. This was unusual for London, but people had learned.

There was something in the darkness.

Something that could imprint fear on your mind forever. Something that would shatter your soul with one small glance. Something that should be avoided. Everyone stayed in after dusk; many doors and windows were locked and barricaded.

But the gang in the alley of a suburb weren't scared. This 'Robed Figure', 'Apparition of Death' or whatever other names it had was just an urban myth to keep people inside. Since its appearance a few weeks ago, they had got away with anything they did after dark. But luck always runs dry.

"Jake, pass me another fag will ya?" Gordon was talking. The gang consisted of three chavs, all male, wearing hoodies and smoking. They were leaning against the walls of the alley, behind a dumpster which was close to the street. Jake pulled out another cigarette and tossed it over to Gordon. Bill watched the silent exchange, the tip of his cigarette illuminating his face under the hood.

"Ah, yeah, that's good." Gordon lifted his head and blew a cloud of smoke into the air.

"Smoking isn't good for you." The voice was slightly deep, yet gave the feeling of wisdom and dominance. The gang immediatly turned to face their new visitor, pulling out knives to defend, shocked by the sudden voice. Gordon, seeing the silhouette against the street, smiled and lowered his knife. Slightly, and with a tremor.

"Who do you think you are? My mum? You're stupid as shit to come down here and try to teach us something."

Yarofev stepped forward, unthreatened by the chavs. "Smoking isn't good for you."

"You that random shit everyone keeps going on about? You don't look intimidating at all. Infact, I just think you're some twat in fancy dress to make us believe those stupid myths. If I were you, I'd just get the fuck away from us before WE hurt YOU." Gordon raised the knife.

"Even when I try to help you, you don't listen. I guess the joke about chavs having one brain cell is true."

Gordon, enraged by Yarofevs' last comment, rushed forward and plunged the knife into his chest. But Yarofev didn't even flinch. Gordon gasped as Yarofev slowly grabbed his wrist and pulled the blade out.

"Nice blade," he said " But I think mine's better." In one fluid motion, Yarofev summoned his claw and diced Gordon into hundreds of bloody cubes. Then he turned on Jake, who was too shocked to do anything. Yarofev repeated the attack, then turned to face Bill.


"I need Eden to know where I am. You can help me with that."

"Of course! Anything!"

"Thank you for making my job easier."

Yarofev ran forward, grabbed Bills' head and smashed it against the solid brick wall. His head was instantly crushed. Yarofev turned around and admired his work. A pile of blood and flesh cubes on the floor, a cloud of red mist and a headless body with blood pouring down over the wall opposite. He nodded, smiled and then faded away into the night.


"Police are investigating the site, but this crime was obviously the work of 'The Robed Figure'. Down the alley, a body and many litres of blood were found. A message was burnt into the chest of the body. It reads 'We are watching'."

Another day, another headline. Yematin had spoken briefly with Jebediah Clements the day before, and he now sat watching the news in David's Office. As the camera focused on the message, Yematin began to talk.

"I believe our friend Yarofev is trying to send us a message. But we still have no idea where he originates from. He is obviously Black Row, but there are no records. It is possible that he is from The Division, but then why didn't he come straight to us? That is where you come in, Clements. Ever since Freedom found a record of a war that no one knows about, I've been hoping that you and Everman will be able to help me out."

Yematin paused momentarily, then continued.

"I want you to help Everman we can find out more about this war. You can have as much funding as you need, but work quickly."

David spun around in his chair and looked out of the giant window that acted as the fourth wall of his office.

"I fear we won't be able to take over without help from The Division, not if Yarofev is truly against us..."

Sunday, 5 September 2010

My Fellow Aluminums...

...yes, that's from Dead Ringers...

So, we've all started Year 11. However, this means that blogging and story writing will be MINIMAL from most of us (looking at you, Kaytei *evil stare*).

I was hoping to get part 3 of The New World out on thursday, but due to a series of unfortunate events, I was unable to and ended up playing some games with DrParsons and Jacob The Rudman. And Madam Simmons.

Because of this delay, the new part may be out next weekend, or the half-term AT THE LATEST.


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Is that Upside-Down?, or All Around?

Many stories contain a twist at the end, we all know that. They make the book interesting and unpredictable. But what if someone made a story that was COMPLETELY made from plot twists? That is why I, Lord Zaros, present to you today...

ALL AROUND OR UPSIDE DOWN (Or is it the other way round?)

Jim got on to the elevator, except then he realised: it wasn't an elevator.

He was walking up a staircase.

Jim continued his walk, clinging onto a sainsburys bag that he was hoping to use to carry around anything he bought. But it wasn't a sainsburys bag.

It was from Marks and Spencers.

Jim sighed, and then walked into Starbucks. Sitting down on a barstool, he ordered some coffee. But then, Jim realised, the Bartender wasn't a Bartender.

He was holding a shotgun.

The Bartender (who isn't really a bartender) cocked the gun and aimed at Jim's face. He smiled, then pulled the trigger. Except Jim didn't die.

He was sitting at home, watching a film.

Suddenly, John walked in. "Hi Jim, he said" said John. "Hi" Jim replied. Then John knelt by Jim and said "Jim, I'm not your friend, I'm your long lost mother." Jim sighed, then said "And I guess you're going to say that the dairy cow outside is my daughter?"



"He's your son."

"How does that work?!"

"We're not on Earth. This is just a figment of your imagination."

Fucking Hell, thought Jim. Except he didn't think it. He said it out loud...

To Be Continued...(but how do you know that?)


Yeah, that was weird, but I imagine Mark has just suddenly said "Oh God, I've left my friends alone on Blogspot with Zaros." and is now racing back to his house or a computing device to stop me before I go and get something to eat.

Hey, I didn't say the story was going to be the only weird part.

Been Thinking 'Bout It (Or have I?)

L.Z. (But how do you really know it's him? I mean me?)

Monday, 9 August 2010

The New World Part 2 - Mind Control

*Two Years Ago*

"Sir, something is wrong with the test subject."

"What's wrong with him? I thought the drug was flawless!" Yematin was speaking. He and his team had spent many months perfecting a mind control drug and had finally deemed it safe for use. The drug itself had been planted only two weeks ago into the skull of a 15 year old boy, but he was kept under constant supervision of Prospect Eternal. Any results gained from him would be essential for the team to decide whether it was safe to use the drug for Black Row.

"Extreme rage...Insanity...Amnesia...The list goes one. In short, anything that could have gone wrong HAS gone wrong."

Yematin thought back to the first tests of the drug. True, rats could not provide results that would be the same for humans. Things like this had happened before, but never to Black Row.

"Sir, what do we do?"

David Yematin, current leader of Prospect Eternal, replied "Bring him in. We need to isolate the problem before it gets any worse."


*One Year Ago*

"Yematin, how is the project?" It was Tommyfer Laudry. He had recently taken command over Black Row, and had used more aggression than past leaders. When David saw a murder in any newspaper, he was sure Laudry was behind it.

"The pressure system works, but we need a few more weeks to make sure that the chamber can withstand such high pressures..."

"You don't have anymore time; The Hunters are bringing in someone. Today. I want that Pressure Chamber installed within the hour."

"But Sir..."

"No buts! Get it sorted out. Now. If anything does go wrong, we'll just shoot the bugger." And with that, Tommyfer turned around and walked away.

"Sir? Do we go ahead with the plan?" The deputy leader of Prospect Eternal, Amanda Green, was always unsure of what to do without guidance, but was dead loyal to Yematin. She'd also slept with him many times to get her job.

"Of course!" snapped Yematin. "We must do what the Leader commands."


*Present Day*

David Yematin, Leader of Black Row and Eden, finished reading the file Amanda Green had just given him. It spoke of an unknown and highly dangerous being. Many witnesses had called it 'The Robed Figure', but Black Row has found its name. Yarofev. It was essential that He (for Yematin was sure Yarofev had been a man) was brought in to be examined. He could easily gain universal domination for Black Row.

Yematin minimized a document on his computer that read Jam Associates, and began to add more to his report on Yarofev. It was always good to have a copy of any report in Black Row.

Amanda was still waiting in the room. Yematin was about to send her away, then another thought crossed his mind.

"Amanda? I want to speak with Jebediah Clements ASAP."

"Yes, Sir, and as always, I obey."

Friday, 30 July 2010

I'm Back

It feels so good to write in italics again. Facebook Chat does not support italics, and they seem so much more authorititive since a little mistake in an email.
I haven't written for days. Dementia has fallen into a state of darkness that is not my ruling, but shall be repaired and soon, for a NEW PART OF THE NEW WORLD IS UPON US! Mark, I need to know when you plan on leaving the country so I can write the part before you go.

No other news is available at the moment, but I now have a strange addiction for quotes about Time and Wisdom.

I WILL return soon...

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Game of the Week

Once again, I haven't given this much thought so I'm just finding a random game. However, I doubt Game of the Week (and indeed Video of the Week) will be on during the summer. And I just want to say:

MR HEDGEHOG (DENNINGTON) HAS LEFT!!!! YES!!!! Unfortuantley, he did NOT fulfil his promise to put me into set 1. That, and something else, is why I hate him. - Free Online Games

Friday, 23 July 2010

You see, Mr Anderson, I have all the cards in my hand...What? Even the Jokers?? Fucking hell.

I felt bored, so I put that up. Toy Story 3 was good, but not really the thing I'm into since I've grown up. The dvd should have an alternate ending: instead of being saved, they get burnt to death. Hmm. That would be interesting.

"I really love fuck-" <- Ben getting stopped halfway through a sentence to form a humouress comment. I wonder if anybody sitting down heard it?

Not much else to say. First day of summer. Bored. Have the twins coming round on saturday, so my weekly posts won't turn up until sunday. Have nothing else to do apart from translate song lyrics into spanish and then that back into english and laugh at the result.

I'll be doing that now. Bye bye

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Game of the Week

This is for those of you who struggled with Dark Cut 2 (Mark). Dark Cut 3 is longer but, in my opinion, easier to play as you don't need to select the tools yourself.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Wow. I haven't posted for a few days. Not that I have anything to talk about. Although, I think Mark is slightly annoyed at me for suggesting Compare. I honestly didn't know (or had no idea) of what they were planning. Sorry.

In other news...

It was Ruperts Birthday today. Not sure why I'm saying that as I don't usually do birthday's, but I might as well. Is there any other news? I finished my Methodology, but now I have no idea about what is happening tomorrow. I doubt many people will turn up though with what I've heard.

A New World part will be up at the end of term (hopefully).

Wow. Writing this post has been incredibly boring for me.

For anyone who *might* want to read my original writing, it won't be posted up here. I've heard great comments for everyone, but I'm only in 2nd set, so my writing won't be as good. Also, Ms Swinger has given us specific things to write about, so it wouldn't even be the same.

OOO new idea: Everyone can count the New (or Shattered) World as my original writing and grade me on that.

Not really, just enjoy the story.


Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The New World - Video

I spent some time on this because I felt like it. The next New World part will probably come out at the end of term, and MAYBE my original writing (it depends on the grade).

Monday, 5 July 2010

100th Post!

I know many bloggers have already reached this marker, but this blog isn't as old as anyone else's. Have I got anything interesting to say? No! I made another video for The New World, but I'll put that up tomorrow. Another story part will come out when Ms Swingland decides that my work is of Richard-Quality. In other words, B or higher is what I'm aiming for.

As for the rest of this post, I shall make a lovely (improvised) song that might actually change a lot:

Cheddar, Cheddar, I got it stuck up me arse.
Cheddar, Cheddar, I've got a greek vase.
And although you might not know it,
and I certainly don't show it,
it's extremely irritant and I should take it out very soon.

Wasn't that lovely?


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Game of the Week

I've heard that many people are ill, so why not have a game based on illness? (NOT Dark Cut)

Free Online Flash Games

Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Is anyone addicted to Dark Cut now? I am :S

I don't usually write messages like these; the usual contain hidden messages that make you believe I'm great. You hear that? I'M GREAAATTT!!! Even to the man who lives in a crate. Also, search 'Harry Potter Dubs' on youtube. They must be by Gertilish (or something like that) otherwise they are INFERIOR (because I'm superior). They may be put up on here at some point, but watch them anyway.

THE RICHARD PARTY IS NOW ON BLOGSPOT!!!! <----See, there it is.

I have to go now, but I shall post again. And soon.

And for those of you who are concerned, the next New World part may be out in a few weeks, preferably close to the Summer Holidays (for obvious reasons).

If you don't know what the reasons are, either ask me or work them out yourself.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

The New World Part 1 - Legends of a Robed Figure

"Can you tell me what's wrong with him?" The Therapist was talking. No one knew his real name, nor did they know which company he actually worked for. 'Lance Otter Preps'. A name AND an anagram for his real company. Prospect Eternal.

"We were walking along just after midnight. We were shouting and pissing about, but he suddenly stopped and claimed he saw something."

"Did he describe it?"

"No, he just screamed in pain and f-fell to h-his knees. Then h-his eyes jus-just bled." Harry was in shock. He and George had spent the whole night partying, and weren't remotley worried about walking around on their own. The crime rate had dropped incredibly over the past few years, but something else had turned up. Something strange.

"Ok, leave him with me. I'll talk to him about it later; hopefully he would've calmed down by then."

"They say He is the darkness. No light, no mercy, just the pitch black from which We came. Many fear Him, but His name is unknown to Us. Many would seek Him out, but none would return. He is time immemorial, the very makings of Creation itself. And now He walks among Us, a God thrown down from the Heavens to wreak havoc and return to His place of former glory."

George was talking, but it was not his voice that spoke. He was shaking more than any person should be, pushed beyond the limit of any man. There were blood stains running down his face, starting from his eyes. Not just small streams, but huge rivers. And the very skin was ripped from his face where he'd clawed himself in fear, from the moment he'd laid eyes on Yarofev.

"Very well," Lance was talking again "I will look after him and try to sort out his wounds, but I doubt time will heal what has happened to him. Now, if you could leave and let me concentrate?" Harry nodded, turned around and left the building. A few minutes later, he looked around him. There was no one near.

The air shimmered around Harry, and Yarofev started walking again, thankful to be back in his proper form.

Back in the building, Lance took out his phone and quickly dialled a number. He frowned, redialled slowly, and listened.

"Operator? I need Amanda Green. Yes, I know what the time is and yes, I know she'd be asleep. Important? It's about him."


28th June, 13:59. Amanda walked down the marble corridor, her high heels clacking on the marble. She stopped outside a dark-wooded door and quickly brushed her hair. In her other hand, she held a file with 'Top Secret - Black Row Officials only' stamped in block red. At precisely 2pm, she knocked on the door.

"Come in!" It was a mans voice, friendly yet slightly expectant. Amanda walked in and shook hands with Yematin. His office was unique: a large dark-wooded desk with many folders but no pictures of any family, a small drinks cabinet and, behind Yematin, a giant window that acted as the fourth wall. It granted any looker a marvelous view over London.

Amanda silently handed over the file. Yematin took it, and turned it to the first page...

Game of the Week - Dark Cut 2

Sorry for the delay, I had Robert and William over, so access to blogspot was impossible. I'm not sure how long it will take anyone to load this game, as it's still loading for me. I also warn you that it's not meant for people under the age of 17. Still play it though :)
Ooo it's just loaded...

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Black Row

Eden – The leading group of Black Row, led by David Yematin. They are currently the major party in Parliament, under the name ‘Eden’ so as not to raise attention to Black Row.

The Division – The true rulers of Black Row, they haven’t been contacted in many years. Their location is unknown, but it is suspected that they are not on Earth.

Black Row - the Company that disguises itself in public work such as chemical and technological improvements to hide its true nature: Universal Domination.

Ubithink - Specialises in Colonialisation of other planets. Recently set up again after liquidation due to the incident on Epsilon 114. Ruled by Jebediah Clements.

Dream Masters – A branch of Ubithink that specialises in Mind Control, Reprogramming and remembering the past. Led by Daniel Evermen.

Prospect Eternal – A Black Row Division that researches Humans and Aliens alike. They are working towards Eternal Life so that Black Row may truly become Gods. Prospect Eternal is governed by Amanda Green.

Freedom - The Tactical/Strategic Centre. They were cast aside by Richard Osman, but Yematin knows that they will play a huge role in taking over the universe.

'The Hunters' - Assassination of Enemies. Anyone who knows the truth about Black Row is removed by these efficient contract killers. They are not an actual branch of Black Row, but they are treated like one and they work only for Yematin.

Corporation Unlimited – In 20 years, the humans will have the aid of robots. And where will they come from? Corporation Unlimited, of course! But as the robots are Black Row Design, caution must be exercised around them should a war break out...

Beacon - Biological Warfare. A clean way to destroy the entire Human Population on Earth using viruses. Everyone will die, and the world will remain intact.

Poseidon - Nuclear Weapons Department. They are a back up in the event that Beacon fails. Which is unlikely. They stay in their base, Codenamed ATLANTIS, which resides on the Sea Bed. The missiles are specially built to survive under so much water for so long. And before you ask why the Base hasn’t been crushed by the pressure, this is Black Row we’re talking about. Led by Susan Delper.

Caduceus - Relay Command. Only used for messages, but even they cannot locate The Division. Their communications network is by far the most developed in the whole of creation.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Game of the Week

Unfortunatley, Dark Cut 2 wasn't working, so I had to use a back-up. DC2 may make an appearance next week, but only if I can get it to work.

Strategy Games

Strategy Games

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Just for movement

This post has no actual intention; it's just moving the Game of the Week down so my Post Archive is more accessible. But that means that this post will have to be longer. So, here is my extention:

Mark and I have been working on Black Row Divisions during Work Related Learning. He came up with most of the names and what they work on, but I am adding much more detail. On Sunday, a list will be posted up here so people know what the names are and what they do. It will be basic information that will need to be understood if you are going to be following the Black Row Series.

But this information did not come without cost. Mark was badly injured in an attempt to stop He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-On-This-Blog-But-Can-Be-On-Your-Blog-If-You-Want-It-That-Badly-Which-Believe-Me-You-Don't. Only joking, but a great move stopped...I really can't be bothered to write that again...from aquiring our information.

Look forward, and wait, for the 28th...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

'We will live forever more'

We were founded in 1874 by a group of scientists who wanted to govern the country. For 76 years, we stayed undercover, formulating plans for national control. We watched the Great War and its brother rise and fall, but we did not take part. Our weapons could have saved many lives, but none of it would benefit us.

In 1950, we made ourselves public. We endelved ourselves in science, technology and engineering. New vaccines were created, new weapons tested and machines revolutionised. We made ourselves famous, we made ourselves great. But we hadn't made ourselves Gods. Sure, the public loved us and our work, but that was only a cover.

By 1960, there was a division of Black Row, of us, in every Capital City. By 1990, no one would have to walk more a few miles to reach a Black Row Department. We kept underground to hide our true work, so no one would come meddling. Now, in 2010, we are a leading party in UK Government.

But our secrets could not always be kept secret. We couldn't bribe, it would cost too much. So we resorted to murder. There were rumours, many, many rumours, but none could be proven true without a death to follow.

But for once, we're in disarray. There is a record of a War, set in the future, that seems highly unlikely from our position. We have no need to resort to open violence anymore. But we believe this War is not the future, but the past.

We are Black Row, the Makers of Worlds, Gods of our Universe. And now, no one can stop us. We will live forever more.

Monday, 14 June 2010

"If you DO happen to get killed...

...make sure you don't get any blood on the carpet. It's new."

-An assassins advice to John as he falls into yet another tale of murder, mystery and evil. Except this time, there is no one around to help him...

A strange book I have been reading entitled 'Gun Point'. It's Richard-Style mentality, but it's a fantastic book and I highly recommend you read it (the author is one David Grey).

On to something else; Black Row has an OFFICIAL WEBSITE NOW!!! Visit it at for more detailses.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Game of the Week

As one Mark Geranium asked for, here is AMATEUR SURGEON!!! Mr Staples, Dark Cut will be up next week then only I choose the gameses.

HighScore Games

HighScore Games

Friday, 11 June 2010

A New Era?

As many of you will now know, Blogspot has a new TEMPLATE DESIGNER!!! Most of our blogs are looking more snazzy, more relaxing or whatever. Dementia may change again someday, but I've spent sometime constructing this look. I know that most of us will look to a black colour, so instead I have given mine some strange shade of blue.

However, there is a problem with the Designer: There is too much to choose from. Look could like so many things you may become indecisive. To counter this problem, I looked for something that just felt right in my heart. I'm sure many people are using this method.

Anyway, I have to be goings now. Have fun with the Designer!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ‘em up with worn-out tools

It took me awhile to work out where I'd heard this before. One of our assemblies. Was anyone actually listening, though? I wasn't. This is the only put I actually like; the rest just bored me to death.

Taster Day Part 2 (yes, there are TWO parts)

The timetable thing has been changed, so the lessons are now more favourable (for some people). I still have Council, but now I have Physics and Government and Politics. What fun :)

Is anything interestings going on elsewhere? I don't want to have to type random things to keep Dementia alive.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Taster Day

Has anyone actually checked the timetable for the Sixth Form Taster Day yet? No? I spent some time looking at it with Kate (Joyce) and we've noticed some problems:

>Kate has Biology and Maths, things she didn't put down
>Robert has 'Council' with me
>Robert also has Philosophy and Ethics
>William has French
>Lloyd has Spanish and Music (does he do Music???)

They've mixed up our stuff, that's the easiest way to say it. I can't remember yours, Mark, but I didn't check anyone elses. Hopefully it will change, but I do have English Literature with Mrs Doar, so that sounds fun.

I'm thinking about asking Mr Thorpe if I can move into Set 1 for Science and Maths, and maybe English. Any views on the situation??

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Donating now could save lives

Every day, more and more people fall to Dementia. However, YOU can make a difference. By simply offering your blog to Lord Zaros and making him an admin, his ruthless streak will stop and the many tiny fairies he has been terrorizing will continue to live happily whatever they do.

So please, if there is one thing you do today, do this. Make Lord Zaros an admin on your blog and save many lives. Remember, YOU can make a difference.

P.S. You don't actually have to do this: I just got bored.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Game of the Week

Ok, I haven't actually given this much thought, but one game I have been playing recently is 'Cargo Bridge'. For those of you who don't know it, you have to build a bridge from some people. I'm putting up the Christmas Edition because it is shorter and you start with all of the tools. Please note this: There WILL be an advert at the start of each and

Thursday, 3 June 2010

No blog I write on shall fall so long as I draw breath

I'm currently introducing a new plan (copyrighted by me) that I call Feature of the Week. Basically, I'll put up a new game on Dementia, as Mark does with music and Poetry Arty Stuff, and a new video on Mania. If this plan works, both Mania and Dementia will last for a LONG time. Kaytei, if you want and idea, how about quote of the week? There are no other major blogs for me to write on (the Tea and Toast thing is only temporary).

It's been a good year...

...a good new beginning.

It's getting closer to 2011, it'll creep up on us all and then we'll be wondering what we really mae of this year....

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I'll let you in on something secret...

I can disappear...
Anytime I want to. Time, I feel you shovel through my skin, i am with you 'til the end.
And I can decompose, when it suits me I accelerate it. Wicked on all fours, I surrender to the storm.

Justin Pierre's a fabulous lyricist. Let it remain upon the Lord's blog forever that Motion City Soundtrack are the most tremendous and wonderful band to have been formed. ever. :P

bisou bisou

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hanging your dirty laundry in public....

...just gets everyone covered in the crud. If you have a problem with somebody you should probably deal with them and not get EVERYBODY involved in it. jayzus.

bisou bisou

I'm can't think of a title, but I'm looking at a bookcase, so that will have to do

This Saturday, I will be posting the all new GAME OF THE WEEK for Dementia. Every Saturday, there will be a new game to play for anyone who has time to mess around. This idea is copyrighted by me (as is every other thing I say) so it can only be on this blog. This idea was also inspired by Track of the Week, which I shall also be posting on Saturday on Poetry Arty Stuff if Mark isn't back from Cornwall ('The Wall of Corn' should not be used because it refers to a sexual position).

For some reason, blogspot is trying to make me write this in spanish, and it is annoying because I've forgotton most of my spanish and I don't want hablaramos espanol.

Buenos Noches!

Monday, 31 May 2010

I now contribute to 6 blogs on blogspot and one elsewhere

how i am ever to get around to revision?
grrrr xD

Friday, 28 May 2010

The Cheese is upon us

If you swap cheese with Halfterm, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Spent the whole of period 2 doing shit all. NO TEACHER FOR THE WHOLE LESSON!!! Woo-hoodles (I'm copyrighting that, Kaytei) and periods 4 and 5 were dos lessons as well. I have a geography exam on the 17th of June, I need to finish off a piece of coursework by monday (31st) and my last two exams are on the 28th (chemistry and biology). After that, the New World will begin. It will have 10 parts (however short they are) and most of it will be up in the summer.

Summer, so close.

I was going to put something else down, but I cba atm tbh.
For those of you who are 'special' (re, Mr Denobington), that means "I can't be arsed at the moment to be honest". I'M ALSO COPYRIGHTING THAT!!!

Until some other time.

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Woo, concert on Friday went better than expected and I saw Kate outside during the interval. Not Thomas, Joyce. Got my lovely Table Tennis...table...out today and played a couple of games, then went driving for TEN WHOLE SECONDS BEFORE I STALLED!!!!!!* And now I have absolutely nothing else to say. I have a Geography Exam on the 17th of June, and then Chemisty 2 and Biology 2 exams on the 28th. Looking forward to those; at least A's in both would make me a very happy Nitrogen-Based Life Form.

As anyone who reads this may have realised, Dementia does not provide much in the way of private life. If you're looking for that, go to Tea and Toast (I demand payment for publicising your blog, Kaytei!!). Oh, and I lifted the Ban :)

Ta ta for now :)

*10 seconds may be exaggerated, but it was around that much.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The New World - Part 1

"C'mon son, let's go fish some mack'rel,"

Old Man Jimmy talked to Young Boy Jimmy whilst they put fishing rods in the placid water.

"Wait a second, we don't have time for this!"

Old Man Jimmy turned around to the spot of the sky where the voice seemed to come from.

"What?" he croaked "Who are you?"

"I'm Lord Zaros," said the voice "And we don't have time for fishing in this story. We need to sort out the new world, discover what happened to Black Row, and so many other plot points that will need at least two more stories to cover!"

"Black Row? New World? What are you on about?" squeaked Young Jimmy

"Do you not remember what is happening?" said Zaros "Do you not know about the company Eden?"

"Look, none of us remember any of this," said Old Jimmy "They may as well have... not existed."

"Not existed. Oh no.... My story has fallen through one of the cracks in time."




Saturday, 15 May 2010

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Ok...just heard the interview...Strange questions and I can tell that Robert was nervous, as he did most of the talking, but some parts of it were iffy. For instance, saying that the politicians were hiding things and something else that did sound a bit like critising politicians, but I can't check because I've closed the window.

This experience has got me more involved in Politics and Journalism, so I might consider a job as a reporter (I've been thinking about that since year 9).

Nothing else to say. Bye bye

The Wars

Jem was waiting at the cinema when it happened. He was just a hardcore Star Wars fan, waiting for Star Wars: The Return of the Dead Guy. He was standing next to John and Obi-Wan Kenny when he turned and sniffed.

"Trekkies..." He muttered. And, sure enough, a group of trekkies were charging towards the cinemas with their phasers set to kill. The Star Wars fans turned and drew out their lightsabers, preparing for battle...

Five hours later, many trekkies and jedi knights lay dead on the floor. The nerdy receptionist stood behind the counter and sighed.

"If only they knew they were allies in the new Star Wars film... What a load of wankers," he muttered and, with that, he pulled out a gun and shot himself.

Meanwhile, far far away, a man named Jamie Oliver shoved a sausage up his nose and laughed. If only cabbages could break dance, he thought.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

"Yes, there was a blond chap..."

Woo, the School News Report Team For The Welfare And Knowledge Of Political Views On Education (a.k.a, CLITORIS) is gradually moving up! We have managed to get some time on a LIVE radio and it's actually on now but I have some stuff to do, such as write this blogpost. Robert and William are the only two going, but they are good speakers (you are too, Mark) and I can only hope they don't screw anything up. CLITORIS DEPENDS ON THIS!!! After radio, we shall conquer television :)

Anyway, I only have one more exam and that is Business Studies on Friday afternoon. How did the testes goes???? Yes I know what I just said. If you read this shortly after it's been posted, come back later for ANOTHER POST!!! And if someone tells me how to make a podcast, I'll try that as well.

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese Bean Poos. Hi, my name is Mike and I'm calling from dip your balls in paste and decorate your bath with them IT Solutions LTD. Can I ask you a few questions about your toilet?

Monday, 26 April 2010


I've just been watching something by Nick Clegg on television, and it reminded me of the final part of the Anarchist. Mainly because of the music, but also because it seemed like the final moments of the Lib Dems. But I found a few problems with it:

>London was covered in bits of paper (broken promises) but none of them belonged to the Lib Dems. I also thought it was littering.

>Nick Clegg was, how can I say this, pleading for support. Apparently only the Liberals can sort this out but in truth anyone can, even the MRLP.

There is only one way to sort out our Government, and that is to vote for the right party. Not Lib Dems, not Labour, not even Conservative. No, if you want the country fixed, vote Richard and I'll sort everything out. I'll also give you a thumbs up. Who wouldn't want that?

Vote Richard, and we will be restored.

P.S. Mister. Saxon = Master No. 6

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Next Generation...

Yarofev hid round the corner, listening intently to the footsteps of those who could help him. Those who were his enemies. Yarofev stood at the very heart of Black Row, and when he had what he wanted he would wipe them off the face of the Earth. The Universe would be in danger if nothing was done about the serious threat that was biding its time, waiting for the right moment to break open.

Yarofev smiled and melted himself into the shadow of a large cabinet next to him. Before he struck, he wanted to know everything that he could about current projects in Black Row. And they would come from one man. Yematin


For those who read Dementia, who is only Jamie until I lift the block, will know that the Shattered World has ended. But I plan to write more. Above is a small part of the New Story, a name of which I have not yet decided. There may be about two more stories with Black Row, then I might go on to something else. But I am getting quite attached to Black Row.

Not much else to update, but a New Story may begin soon, hopefully before the Summer Holidays. It could take me awhile to get a name though.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Shattered World Part 7 - Sacrifice

Darkened halls. Strange noises that made you look around and see shapes in the shadows. Horrific shapes. The Eden Facility had long been abandoned, but you could feel the spirits of the dead workers haunting your footsteps. Rebecca didn't notice. Yarofev was dead, and with him her only hope of finding out who she was. She didn't care if she lived or died anymore.

Rebecca was supported by Christian and John. Emily walked behind them and turned around, her gun ready, when ever she heard something. They didn't have time to shut the door, and the Creature was still after them. Their only hope was to activate Eden.

John had no idea where they were going. He had found a map and could roughly work out where they were, but the facility was not like Yarofev's. Yarofev was a maze of underground tunnels and a manor house on top. Eden was many, many floors below them. John had found a maintenace shaft, and had hoped that it would take them down far enough.


Eden was still not ready. The Survivors had moved to quickly under the guide of Yarofev and the machines creating Eden were old. It needed another hour or it would go horribly wrong. If activated before completion, anything within a thousand miles would be utterly destroyed in the resulting blast.

The Creature had killed Yarofev, but it was still a threat to Eden. When the Survivors were a few floors down, it would destroy the uppermost floors. It would bring in many Zombies, but by then it could be activated.

Eden sighed. Everything was going to be alright after all.


The lift was slow. They had to get down about 20 floors underground and they had only just gone past the fifth. Ten minutes of waiting and all the time the Creature was getting closer. If they didn't reach Eden soon, they may never reach it at all.

Rebecca stood silently in a corner. She kept reliving the scene of Yarofev's death. The Creature, the metal pole, the blood seeping out of the wound. She closed her eyes, and tried to hold back the tears that tried to break through. It would be so easy to take her own life; she would be free of this world and could finally meet her parents in the afterlife, if there was one. But she couldn't: she was the only one who could activate Eden and the entire world and anyone left alive relied on her getting to floor BG-20.

Then, at floor BG-17 it happened. A tremendous explosion shook the lift and everyone in it. Looking up, the group could see what remained of the upper floors.

The floors that were no longer there.

"What the fuck just happened?" Emily was shouting, and Christian pointed towards the edge of the newly formed crater. The Creature had not been killed in the blast, and the group were now extremely exposed to the outside world.


People say that Zombies hunger for blood and flesh, but that is only how it is observed. It's said that they howl to communicate with eachother when tracking down a victim. But it has never been seen from the Zombies point of view.

When a body dies, it is still functional in some ways. When the virus spread, it simply restarted the body and brain. And so the Zombies were born. But there was a difference: they retained some of their basic knowledge from their previous life. When they howl, they scream for help because they know what has happened to them. They kill people in anger when no help is given. They are seriously misunderstood creatures.

But when they see or hear and explosion, they are always drawn towards it. In the ground, a huge crater and a lift traveling slowly down underground. A lift that contained life. Life that had failed to help them.

The Zombies flocked towards the Eden Facility to stamp out the last of those who had kept the luxury of being fully alive.


The lift doors opened, and the Survivors were surprised to see a lit up room ahead of them. A huge hall and, at the very end, a huge tank with something blue inside. The tank was completely glass, and stretched from the floor to the ceiling. If you looked carefully through the dark blue liquid, you could almost make out the shape of a person.

Christian and John rigged the lift with explosives, to buy some time from the Zombies that they knew were headed their way. As Rebecca and Emily trudged ahead, they found some pages lying on the floor. Rebecca was instantly upon them, taking in information from the 'Eden Archives'. So, a man named Yematin had worked with Richard and successfully created Eden. Or not so successfully, as it was not yet complete. According to a countdown on a strange machine, they would still have to wait another 15 minutes before Eden could be activated.

As Christian and John finished rigging the lift, they heard the screams of the Zombies. The next quarter of an hour would be a long, and bloody, one.


The Creature looked down the maintenance shaft. It had been locked up here, but very recently it had broken out. About 93 years ago, it was captured in basic Zombie-Form and experimented upon. It had grown bigger, stronger and more angry over such a long time, locked up in a tiny rotting cell. It had killed a former worker of Black Row, he knew, and he would now destroy another of their projects.

It still held the metal pole, but the sharp end was covered in blood. Blood as black as the night sky. The pole had been blunted by the concrete wall, but the blood would not come off and further blunted the pole. It would be no more a weapon than a walking stick.

The Creature tossed the pole to his side and jumped down the shaft. All the floors down, right to the bottom.


Emily was the first to hear the Creature. There was a solid thud as it hit the lift, and then it exploded. The trap had been set off, but it had not worked. The Creature picked up a concrete slab and hurled it at the Survivors. It missed Eden with inches to spare.

Rebecca, Emily, Christian and John spread out. If the tank was destroyed, all hope would be lost. For ten minutes they avoided things thrown by the Creature, but then Emily's luck ran out. In an attempt to dodge a machine being thrown at her, her leg was sliced open on a torn piece of metal. She tried to get up, but she couldn't and she became an easy target. Her end was quick.

Rebecca couldn't wait much longer. She turned and sprinted for the controls to Eden. Zombies were pouring in through the shaft and Christian was surrounded. Only she could save him. She activated Eden and supplied a blood sample. The DNA was accepted, and Eden began to hum. It started shining with an inner light, and suddenly its glare was blinding. Rebecca closed her eyes and turned away. The Zombies stopped fighting and tried to flee the facility.

Through mental connection, Eden looked into Rebecca's mind. It felt her pain from losing Yarofev, and it felt sad. No longer did it want Yarofev destroyed so badly. Eden was active, but it was not ready. The entire facility exploded, destroying everything for miles around.


Yarofev woke up. He was lying on a field of grass, but he could remember everything. The Creature, Eden, Rebecca. She had done her job, but she had died in the process. He looked at his hand, and willed it to transform into a claw. It did, and he was shocked. Richard knelt over and cried. Eden was supposed to repair the world and reverse what Yarofev had done to him, but it had only done one of those.

Yarofev got up and pulled is hood back over his head. His glowing eyes stood out in the shadow the hood created. He wanted a cure and answers, so he began his journey. A journey that would take him back into the heart of Black Row.

Monday, 29 March 2010

A Change of Heart

Some people may say I've "seen the light". Others might say I changed my mind but the truth is Mr Dennington really insulted me and Lloyd (I hope he doesn't read this) today in maths and we are now going to plague him until he leaves. I'm setting up a blog called (if there isn't one already called that) and just message me if you want to join and post your Anti-Dennington (related) comments. Ta ta chaps, I have a 1.5 litre bottle of Ginger Beer to enjoy!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Shattered World - Archive Part 4


Ok, the empire, the universal control, none of it is going to work. The nukes came down and this world is now far too damaged for the base of the Black Row Empire. And Richard is to blame for everything. I hate him, I hate his project and I Black Row. I might not live long enough to see through the war, but I'll be damned if 'Yarofev' revives the legacy of Richard. Eden has been modified to turn against Yarofev should they ever meet.

Radiation. Destruction. Death. That is all the outside cameras (that still work) can pick up. But there is something else. An infection from the radiation. Living Dead. Richard can't do anything to stop this, but I can. I'll program Eden to remove the disease without killing the holder. Maybe there is hope after all.

I see a...strange creature outside. It's huge and muscley, and very big. This could cause a lot of trouble if it gets inside. But then, I can contain it here. A team will be sent out to collect this creature and experiment on it.

Damn, one of the security gates has been ripped open! The infected individuals have broken in! Before I die, the secret must be revealed! The truth is-----

The archive ends with bloodstains covering up any hidden truth. Weeks after the page had been written, the infection had taken full hold of the Earth and barely anyone was left alive. The day Yematin died was the day the world stopped spinning.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Shattered World - Archive Part 3


Wow. I'm the new leader of Black Row.

Richard never did know what he was doing, but it was probably the best decision he ever made in his life. The message arrived this morning, and the nukes are already on their way down. I couldn't locate UbiThink; their signal is lost entirely. I don't know if they're still alive, but I sent a signal out to surrounding Solar Systems in an attempt to get some sort of help.

It seems that Richard will be killed by his own creation. Ironic, that he should be destroyed by the thing that he hoped would deliever our salvation and the Universe. But I know that Yarofev won't rest. If it is anything like Project Eden, it will try to bind itself to a body to live a "life" of its own. I must program an independent conscious into Eden, one that will try to destroy Yarofev. Anything left of Richard deserves to be wiped out.

When the war is over, I shall stand upon the ruins of our enemies and, with the help of Eden, rebuild the world. Then we shall begin to expand into the Universe. All planets will either join our growing empire or shall be crushed if any pathetic rebellion is put up. Today the Earth, tomorrow the Universe.

David Yematin, new ruler of Black Row.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Cakes on a Crane

And the title has nothing to do with the post, in true mental tradition. I've just been going through the Shattered World Parts, and I count 6 story parts and 4recordings. To me, this amounts to a total of 10 parts. I COULD round everything up with one last part, or I could add some more in for fun. Don't worry, I've made my decision and I plan to stick with it as soon as I turn caps lock off and stop holding down shift.

Tomorrow. You. Will. Be. Amazed. By. Another. Part. That. Isn't. Actually. The. End. And. Now. I. Am. Going. To. Stop. Doing. This. Because. I. Don't. Know. Why. I. Even. Started. Bye. Bye.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Time to record

Absolutely nothing interest has happened this week. Well, maybe the Italian Mafia coming in today but other than that I can't think of anything.

How about a quick challenge, eh? Do this in 30 seconds:


/ Means divide. If you're reading this, you have either given up, didn't bother with the challenge, got the answer right (ask me and you get a prize) or you haven't realised that your time is still running.

Anyway, I have absolutely nothing else to do, which is strange because I nearly always have something that needs to be doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Random burst of mentality there, but don't be surprised if I start pressing random keys in a second.


Byyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee Byyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, 5 March 2010

The Shattered World Part 6 - From Ruin They Shall Rise

Everyone was here. Yarofev was ready to begin.

"Okay, I know all of you probably want to take a shot at me but if you do that the world will stay shattered. I know how to sort everything, but I need you to help me."

"You know how to fix everything?"

It was Christian who spoke. Everyone knew about his fight with Tommy, and they were all disgusted. But the matter was put aside; the group had a bigger problem to deal with.

"Many years ago, I was the leader of Black Row. I was working on a project called 'Yarofev', but something went wrong. The container that held the substance that is me cracked open, and I was trapped. My body was the first biological thing that touched the substance, and we were fused together.

"I couldn't control my new power, though, and I accidently killed everyone in the facility. But you may wonder what this has to do with saving the world, hmm? The answer is simple; I sent my second in command, Yematin, to work on a project called 'Eden'. It was a failsafe in the event that nuclear war destroyed the earth. I can only hope that he finished his work."

The survivors absorbed the information. Yarofev, a highly dangerous person, was a failed experiment of Black Row. But it had not failed, it just hadn't worked the way it was supposed to. But this other experiment, Eden, was still out there, somewhere, waiting to be found. Rebecca knew that everything Yarofev said was true, she had seen it all for herself in the archives. Everything was beginning to fit into place. But there was still one question she had to ask.

"That night, when you jumped us, why didn't you kill me? You went after the others, but you offered me safety. Why?"

"The answer," Yarofev said "is simple. You are my grand daughter. Yematin told me that my DNA would be the only thing able to activate Eden but as I am no longer flesh nor blood, I needed your help. I have kept you safe all these years until you were ready to help."

Rebecca crouched down. How could Yarofev be her grandfather? Hadn't he lived for over a hundred years, and was already old when he did change? She felt so alone, so small, with everyone staring at her. If she was the last hope for the world, the chances of success were incredibly stacked against them. She couldn't even defend herself against a single Zombie without help.

"OK, I'll help you. But we need to know where Eden is, and we'll need new weapons and supplies."

"No problem."

With that, Yarofev raised his hands. An alcove hidden behind some wall panels opened, revealing 21 century weapons and a couple of long daggers.

"These guns are in good condition, and are custom made from Black Row. The daggers will also be useful, incase you have to run through a horde of zombies. They will also break through most types of doors."

The group rearmed themselves, then were shown a detailed map of 'Lon-Don', supposedly where they were now. Far north of their position was another bunker. This was where Eden was created, but it looked like they would take a long time to get there. There were useful buildings where they could defend themselves at night, but the journey would take days. All ready, the group followed Yarofev back through the maze of tunnels, and into the open.


Four days had gone past but progress was slow. For twelve hours everyday, they had to defend themselves from the Zombies. Around 2 hours were consummed in building the barricades. Every now and then, they had a rest for half an hour.

"This is so slow!" exclaimed Sarah "why can't we just keep moving at night?"

"Ok," Yarofev said calmly "we can keep walking through the night. If you can keep up, we will get there in a few days. You will run out of ammo quickly and will then have to slash your way through multitudes of Zombies that will just get back up after a few minutes. You'll be lucky if you lasted a few hours; I'm only willing to defend Rebecca as she is the most important out of all of us. You are just here to help protect her."

Yarofev was not angry, but he had made his point. Continue at night and they would surely die. It might take longer this way, but it would be alot safer. They packed up and moved on again. Everyone was getting anxious; they had survived so far but in truth they all wanted to be back in the Headquarters. Any night they could be killed.

And then it happened.

While moving furniture to build a barricade, Sarah was ambushed by a Zombie. It had been hiding from the harsh sunlight in a derelict house, but when Sarah had uncovered it, it jumped at her and bit savagely at her neck. Her screams quickly caught the attention of Yarofev, and he quickly disposed of it, but the damage was done. Nearly instantly Sarah transformed. One swipe to her neck and she was truly dead.

"Strange," said Yarofev "the Zombies are mutating. Even a bite will kill you. We must hurry!"

There was urgence in his voice and, it seemed, a hint of fear. How could he be scared? He was most likely the strongest weapon they held to help them and if he was scared... They began to press on with the barricade. The sun was low in the sky and they had less than an hour to finish. Time, it seemed, was always against them.


Three more days had past, the bunker was just a day away. But the Zombies had indeed mutated, as the survivors began to see new types of the Dead, and the originals began to get stronger and faster. They had barely lasted through the previous night.

Only a few hours away Eden lay in wait. It wasn't as sophisticated as Yarofev, but it had a mind of its own. It sensed the survivors and...something else. It was not Yarofev, but something was on the move. Eden knew it would finally be activated after a 93 years. It had counted since the day Yematin died.

But it wasn't completed when he had died.

Eden triggered the old machinery that would finish the building process. It would not be used for evil and it would be activated as soon as the survivors arrived. As for Yarofev, it had something special in mind.

But this...thing...that it sensed would get to Yarofev first. Eden sighed. He wouldn't get the chance to deal with Yarofev, just as Yematin had instructed. Instead he contented himself with the reparing of the world. It was what he was built to do.


The bunker was insight when something else went wrong. It was misty and the light faded long before it should have done. It walked towards through the mist, a horrible creature that seemed neither Dead nor human. It towered over the survivors. Its muscles were rippling beneath a complete leather suit. Whatever it was, it definitly looked like a challenge for Yarofev.

"Go!" He roared "I will deal with the Zombie!"

Christian, John, Emily and Rebecca could do nothing but run. They had spent days working their way towards the bunker and they weren't going to die now. But Rebecca hadn't found out as much as she had hoped from Yarofev about her parents, and he was her only living relative. She made a decision, and turned around to help.

"Don't do it Rebecca, you're the only one who can activate Eden!"

John shouted himself hoarse, but it was no use. Rebecca had gone. The team loaded their weapons and ran after her.


Yarofev dodged another punch aimed at him. This Zombie had either mutated in a unique way or it had been modified by some company, most likely before the Shattering. And if it HAD been modified, Black Row was almost definitly behind it.

Yarofev's mind was wandering. Too late he realised that the creature was preparing for a kick and he was unable to dodge it. He was sent flying into a concrete wall. His back was badly damaged and he could barely stand. He saw Rebecca running towards him and he saw the creature bend over and pick up a slender metal pole. Turning the sharp point around, the creature thrust the pole through Yarofev's stomach and right through the concrete wall. Yarofev didn't move again.

"NOOO!" Rebecca screamed. Her last relative had been taken away from her.

Christian and John turned up a few seconds later. They quickly took in the scene and pulled Rebecca backwards. The creature had drawn the pole back through Yarofev and it had turned towards them. Their only hope was to run.

Yarofev lay in a pool of something that was not quite blood, but a thick black replacement. Beneath his hood, the white glowing eyes had nearly faded. Then they went out. Richard Osman had lived for many years, but his luck had finally run out.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Shattered World - Archive Part 2

In her hunt, Rebecca found a small concealed room. To anyone who happened to look inside, they would have seen a damp, dark square with nothing but a chair and desk inside. But to Rebecca, it was another likely spot for an 'archive' page. And, sure enough, there was a page inside the desk. Rebecca scanned it eagerly.


If only there was more time, it could have worked. Yarofev was nearly stable, then the stupid US Government opened fire on us. Sure, we started the war in Spain and pratically everywhere else, but we don't want to destroy the planet. It's time I revealed all of Black Row's history:

Our group was formed many years ago, in 1874, by a group of scientists who thought that their ideas of governing should be imposed within every country. Coming together, they formed the name 'Black Row' because of the 'coal whipper' problem that was going on at the time. Black is roughly the colour of coal and Row refers to the fact that men couldn't line up when they got drunk in the pubs.

For many years, Black Row was simply an undercover group that didn't meddle much with countries affairs. It wasn't until much later that my predecessor, Tommyfer Laudry, came up with the idea to take over the Earth. It began with a mind control drug.

When this drug was created, it was revolutionary. First tests were used on some bully who ended up driving a car into some other boy who won a race. He'd gone mental from so many tests and something in him just snapped.

Later, a man named Jake decided it would be funny to scam Black Row. Somehow, he managed to find out the plans to inject the drug into many governmental officials. As far as I can tell, no one has seen his body in a long time.

After Tommy died, it was up to me to continue his legacy. The mind control thing was too complicated so we began new experiments. It was around that time that I openly declared war against the world. Honestly, it was going to happen sometime.

Right, back to the present. Something serious has just happened: a nuke landed nearby. I've just been informed of the details, there is a problem with Yarofev. Shockwave from the blast has kick started Yarofev and it's broken out of its container. The room has been sealed off, but I know it won't hold forever.

I know I won't live much longer.

If any member of Black Row finds this, send these and a message to Yematin. Tell him he is the new leader of Black Row and to get UbiThink back from space; we need all the help we can get now. Also tell him to fire any nukes that we have. If I die, the world is going down with me.

Rebecca gasped. This was the reason that everything had gone wrong. It was Black Row that had shattered the world. Then Yarofev called. She was reluctant to go to him, afterall he was a failed experiment that was extremely dangerous. But she had no choice; Yarofev was fine tuning a plan and, if Richard thought that he was going to die in that room, it was unlikely that anymore archive pages were lying around. Sarah had already found some recordings, but they held nowhere near as much information combined as this single page had. There was nothing Rebecca could do. She turned around and searched for Yarofev. It looked like the group was going to be on the move again, and soon.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I just can't get it out of my head...

...And when YOU see it, you won't be able to get it out of YOUR head!!!1!

I hate you, you hate me
Tinky Winky shot Dipsy
with a great big bang
and a hole in the head,
sorry Lala
Dipsy's DEAD.

I love that so much, it was classified under paranormal in the CIA.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Shattered World - Archive

Rebecca began to explore to derelict facility; she rarely got to go out and this place was shouting at people to come inside and explore. She walked randomly, drinking in whatever things of interest she could see. She looked in to a door on her left and saw what might have been someones office. There were a few filing cabinets to the side. Rebecca made her way to them and pulled out and old folder.


Day...I'm not sure what day it is; it's been so long since the last recording. The bloody voice recorder broke and no one knows where to find another one without exposing the headquarters of Yarofev. What I DO know is that Black Row is expanding all the time. Like my department, there are many divisions all devoted to different projects, Yarofev (us), Eden and UbiThink to name a few.

As you should know by now, I am the leader of ALL of Black Row, I just chose to manage Yarofev. I set Yematin (second in command of Black Row) to work on Eden and J.M.Clements to UbiThink.

Anyway, to the main project. Tests have been good so far. We have been able to create new weapons thanks to this vat of...stuff. It's strange to think that the future of Black Row could depend on a random idea that hasn't never been dreamt of before.

However, it is not yet fully stable, so it might be sometime before it can be used openly against the world.

For The World, For The Universe.


Rebecca looked up from the page. These were some of the last words Richard Osman ever wrote before he died, presumably in the headquaters. But there was only 1 page, the others were missing. But the only time the door had been opened was by Yarofev. "He's the weapon" she realised. But she wouldn't know the full story until the other pages were found. Rebecca began her quest to find the missing pages. Surviving would have to wait, she had a new job now.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Star Wars Episode 6 - Return of the Monkey

He stood there, looking out into the emptyness that was The Siths dressing gown. Then, without a word but a monkey squeak, he jumped up to the top of a swimming pool and stole back his banana. Before he knew it, he had been sliced in half by sword of plastic that was supposed to loo good, but unfortunatley didn't. The last hope had failed, and The Sith would wake up on the right side of the bed today.

I've been having some very strange dreams recently (strange in contrast to the dreams I usually have). The only bits of one I can remember include:

-> Me wearing a single black glove
-> Watches for only $1 (?!?) at a supermarket
-> A supermarket that only sold bread
-> Kaytei fussing over how long a pie should stay in an oven
-> And me having to climb up a muddy slope, then slide back down to retrieve a phone
I left somewhere.

If you think this was weird, I once had a dream where I was a penguin.

And for those of you who wonder why I put this up instead of another part of The Shattered World, the next piece is, hopefully, going to be a recording.

For the World, For the Universe.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

With a slice of cheese

Strange. When we went into half term, I was 14. When we're back at school, I'll be
15. Yes, it's my birthday soon and anyone who can guess when will get a friendly handshake.

Not you, Mark. Nor you, Jimmy Pickils, Mr Staples, Cyberminky, JacobTheBoffin, Reconvoid, Mundooteh, anyone else who reads this blog or Racist BNP Wanker-Shit by the name of Lloyd. You can though, Tommy.

I got a new laptop on Friday. I'm really happy :) and it will mean more time blogging. If any of you happen to have Skype, can I have your names? I started a new account (Nickname TibetanJimmy) and I need more contacts. I only have 3 so far :S

I might see some of you sometime in the week, I really can't say when. Won't be before Wednesday though.

Until I blog again.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Shattered World Part 5 - A Leader Returned

Nothing like this had happened to Tommy for ages. It had started with the 'death' of David, his best friend. He had left him for dead, blocked his escape just so he could survive. For years his conscience had fought with his mind, but it had resented when no hope of revelation was forthcoming.

Then the voice started again, and he realised that, this time, it was something else trying to break through, another person. The Robed Figure, or 'Yarofev' as he had named himself. Tommy had sacrificed Rebecca to protect himself, but he knew she wasn't going to die. But why was 'Yarofev' so intrested in her? If he wanted anyone, surely it would have been Christian? HE was the one with the knowledge of the Wasteland.

A gush of cold air, they were back. Rebecca was extremely pale, and was supported by John and Sarah. They took her through to another room.

"Hey, Christian, what happened?"
"Nothing much. Reb's got startled by the Robed Figure and a Zombie. We managed to collect some stuff before we had to run, though. The supplies we're taking are not enough, we'll have to move soon.
"Err, yes, about that."

Tommy was nervous. For Yarofev's plan to work, he would need to convince Christian to move. He pulled out a scrape of paper, on which he had drawn a map from the descriptions of Yarofev.

"You see, I found this map and it looks like a relatively safe area. These parts here, they look like the broken tower. If we start there, we might find a new SafeHouse. As you said, we need to move."

Christian was suspicious, but turned over the possibility of an easier base. Trying to find a spot without help and a paralyzed team member would be difficult, especially when the days end hours before they're supposed to.

"Fine, we'll take it. We need a few days to get ready then we'll move out to the Tower. Rebecca can't move yet, not the way she is."


After a few days of preparing, Christian and the team followed Tommy's map. Within hours they had reached a strange old building, one completely devoid of life, fresh or rotting. Glowing eyes followed their every movement.

"You sure this place is safe; it's very open."

"That's why you should follow me."

Everyone turned instantly to see Yarofev. Before any guns were raised, they were ripped from the grip of the survivors by strange black tenticles that seemed to have appeared from Yarofev's arm.

"And now you have no weapons. Do you really think you could survive out there without a firearm? If you want to live, I suggest you follow me and don't do anything...stupid... Also, my name is not 'The Robed Figure', it's Yarofev."

And so they followed him, Christians' eyes burning with anger and aimed directly at Tommy, who did not meet his gaze. Using his unnatural power, Yarofev wrenched open a hidden door in the side of the building. A howl penetrated the silence. The Zombies had come.

"Quickly, everybody inside!"

Everyone except Tommy and Christian were inside. Suddenly, Christian kicked the back of Tommys' knee and knocked him down. Before he could get back up, a drop kick was aimed into his back. It hit and he was stuck. Another kick to the head and he was unconscious.

"Seeing as we're going to die anyway, I thought you might want to get it over with quickly."

Christian spat at Tommys' motionless body and walked through the door. Yarofev closed it behind him.


It seemed like days, but it was merely minutes. Rebecca, Christian, Sarah, Emily and John were led through a maze of tunnels until they finally reached a small to medium sized room. The survivors looked around hungrily, absorbing every detail of what would become their future home. There wasn't much on the walls; meters that didn't work anymore, jars of various fluids and chemicals, even a broken recorder with a few tapes on top. But the thing that claimed the most attention was a glass vat that went from the ceiling to the floor. Something had obviously cracked it open; there was nothing inside but a strange smell and a giant hole took up one side.

"Welcome," Yarofev said " Black Row."