Monday, 11 July 2011

It's just occured to me: I haven't written anything interesting on here for awhille...

But do not fear, for as soon as something interesting happens, you'll be the first to know*. Anyway, I've had fun over the holidays, with my schedule consisting mainly of...doing nothing...
Now, that might sound boring, but it's alot worse than you think. But I'll explain later. Possibly. Wow, I never knew that I wrote for playboy magazine, or had a penis size to match my height (which is 6' 7") --->
...I have my own wikipedia article...I must be so epic...

Right, I'd better get going now: I have nothing to do soon.


*It is very unlikely that news will turn up here first: it is more likely to turn up here days after it has been released.


  1. mmm, i get the whole boredom thing :s maybe i'll finally do the painting i've been talking about doing for over a month...but then again, probably not...:s xx

  2. Will you call it 'Angry Expressionism'?

    Just noticed the spelling mistakes...damn... Oh well I'll leave them there so everyone knows what I'm talking about.