Monday, 18 July 2011

Upside down !, inverted ? and a whole lot of @

If you're clever enough to break my code (which is the title), you'll know precisely what I'm talking about. HOWEVER, it doesn't actually mean anything so just forget about that.

I recently watched 'James May's Toy Stories', the one with the AirFix, with my sister (yes, I have a sister) and then she said she felt like putting together a model of a greek soldier and paint it. In Guildford (aka G-Town), I could not find a greek soldier so I went for the next best thing: a Spitfire. Just finishing the painting now.

I also made a smaller model of a spitfire out of clay. It looks shit and broke twice, but it's my first time so it could've been worse.

I also connected my laptop to my HD television earlier (as I have done so many times before) and got to watch everything on my laptop in HD (I won't explain the technical bits here).

And now I have nothing left to say, except that I made some candles. But that was a few weeks ago.


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